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Blake Rohrbacher

Case Study: RightNow Technologies/ MarketFirst

Knowing the power of meeting customer needs effectively, CRM provider RightNow realized it needed to continue pushing the envelope on finding, attracting, and serving its customers. So when it came time to upgrade their marketing automation software, they chose MarketFirst.

Case Study: Bell Mobility/E.piphany

When Bell Mobility, a division of Bell Canada, needed a new program to enhance its current customer service offerings while greatly improving its ability to make on-phone customer sales, they chose E.piphany.

Case Study: Vantage Deluxe World Travel and MarketFirst

You can make money online in this day and age; it just takes guts, smarts, and great customer relationship management.

Case Study: IBM and Siebel Systems

Even the biggest and best companies can improve their customer service; even when they deal in CRM themselves.

Case Study: Sanlam Life and Siebel Service

At times, helping your customers succeed can help you improve your own business. Don't be shy about increasing your customer understanding; it may be the best, cheapest way to win.

Case Study: The Regence Group and Onyx Software

Sometimes results may not be quantifiable, but a concentrated effort and a focus on customer relationship management can lead to vastly better business. Learn how The Regence Group implemented a CRM solution that united four health plans across four states, and gained valuable knowledge and insight into customer needs that will sustain better business methods forever.

Serving Customers Online

Most companies with online presences perform dismally when it comes to dealing with customer inquiries. But it doesn't have to be that way.

You Are... Here

Many Web consumers are dying of thirst in a sea of information. Does your site give visitors what they want?

Win Some, Lose Some: Gains and Losses in Customer Service

The battle for acceptable levels of service between consumers and companies is a long and never-ending one.

The Fear of Satisfying Customers

To the consternation of marketers everywhere, consumers are demanding that we satisfy them. Something very scary is afoot. Customers actually seem to care about satisfaction!

The Elements of Good Online Customer Service

Most of us need customer service at some time or another. Online, where the customer is alone, good service is vital; and good online customer service is possible. You just have to want to give it.

When Your Customers Succeed, So Do You

Knowing what your customers want is crucial. It allows you to deliver what they want. Will your customers succeed in receiving the benefits of what you deliver? Only by knowing what it means for the user to succeed can you help them do just that.

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