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Clint Boulton

SAP Tabs Pilot For Analytics Flight

The applications giant buys Pilot Software to fortify its applications portfolio.

Oracle Buys Into On-Demand CRM

The company adds a new weapon to fight Salesforce.com and SAP in the battle for on-demand CRM software, acquiring software maker Telephony@Work for an undisclosed sum.

SAP Gaining Ground in Merchant Applications

The company will purchase Khimetrics to keep up with Oracle in the retail applications niche.

E-Forms Software to The Workplace Rescue?

IBM Workplace Forms is the company's stab at putting electronic forms software onto customers' computers.

When Applications And Databases Collide

You get loosely coupled data services, according to Microsoft officials during the VSLive keynote.

SAP Takes Triversity For Retail

The buy will give the company's retail arm a big boost against Oracle.

Microsoft Cuts Call Times

The company uses Web services to help make call centers more efficient.

SAP, Microsoft to Build Software for Business Workers

UPDATED: The applications giants take their 15-year relationship to a new high by crafting a composite application together.

SAP Aids Utilities in Compliance Woes

SAP looks to curry favor for its distributed computing approach among electricity, water and gas companies.

PeopleSoft CEO Duffield Resigns

The PeopleSoft founder quits one week after PeopleSoft accepts Oracle's $10.3 billion acquisition bid.

Oracle to PeopleSoft: 'Best and Final Offer'

UPDATED: Oracle ups its bid for PeopleSoft to $24 per share and drops most conditions in its continuing quest to buy the software maker.

PeopleSoft Fires CEO Conway

UPDATED: Board cites loss of confidence as reason for firing Craig Conway, adding a new twist to the company's struggle to fend off Oracle's hostile takeover.

PeopleSoft: Thumbs Down to Reduced Offer

PeopleSoft makes nice with shareholders about the Customer Assurance Program, while its board votes no on Oracle's latest offer.

Siebel Exec Proposes 'Customer-driven Enterprise'

A Siebel EVP touts the firm's hybrid theory of large enterprise application centers and hosted, on-demand CRM applications to fulfill customers' needs.

PeopleSoft Re-elects Incumbent Board Members

PeopleSoft shareholders pick four board members for re-election in a resounding 95 percent vote.

PeopleSoft CAP Could Cost Oracle $1.56B

The controversial program is seen as an obstacle to Oracle's PeopleSoft takeover bid.

Oracle to 'Vigorously Challenge' DOJ for PeopleSoft

The software maker vows to contest the DOJ's decision to block Oracle's attempt to buy PeopleSoft.DoJ to Block Oracle's PeopleSoft Bid

DoJ to Block Oracle's PeopleSoft Bid

UPDATE: Assistant Attorney General R. Hewitt Pate says the purchase would remove favorable competition in the market and decrease choice for customers.

PeopleSoft: Just Say No to Oracle

Chief Craig Conway defends his company from Oracle's verbal attacks and urges shareholders to vote for its own board nominees.

Oracle Lobbies PeopleSoft Shareholders

In a new letter, Oracle questions PeopleSoft's actions since the June takeover offer and urges shareholders to support the revised bid.

DOJ Staff Pans Oracle/PeopleSoft Takeover

UPDATE: The DOJ issues a preliminary decision against Oracle's $9.4 billion takeover for the rival software company; analysts question whether Oracle can stem the tide.

Oracle Offers $9.4 Billion for PeopleSoft

UPDATE: The business software maker sweetens its cash bid for PeopleSoft, offering nearly 19 percent more than current market value.

EC Halts Oracle/PeopleSoft Inquiry

UPDATE: Overseas investigators' examination of the $7.5 billion hostile takeover is frozen pending additional information from Oracle.

Siebel, IBM Take CRM On Demand

UPDATE: Siebel and IBM offer up a menu of software delivered by-the-byte.

Cognos Weighs in with Reporting Software

UPDATE: Opting to build instead of buy, Cognos ReportNet emerges after three to four years in development to fill in a gap in the Cognos line of business intelligence software.

Settled Siebel Suit Triggers Corporate Governance

The enterprise software company settles a suit and institutes tighter control over corporate governance in the face of a government crackdown on accounting misdeeds.

Siebel Systems Airs 2Q Struggles, Restructures

As the enterprise applications market roils in turmoil, Siebel Systems restructures, cuts 490 jobs and moves some operations overseas.

PeopleSoft Beats Estimates in Early 2Q Results

UPDATE: Embroiled in a fight to stave off Oracle's unwanted advances, PeopleSoft says early second quarter results exceed expectations across the board.Oracle Postpones PeopleSoft Lawsuit

CeBIT: PeopleSoft CEO Avoids the 'O' Word

PeopleSoft CEO Craig Conway discusses his company vision for the future of enterprise applications with nary a word about the hostile takeover bid from Oracle.

PeopleSoft, J.D. Edwards Try to Speed Merger

UPDATE:Looking to head off Oracle's hostile bid for PeopleSoft, J.D. Edwards and PeopleSoft tweak their agreement to speed up the process. PeopleSoft Sues Over Oracle's Takeover Bid

JD Edwards Sues; PeopleSoft Spurns Oracle

UPDATE: J.D. Edwards sues Oracle & Larry Ellison seeking billions in damages but Oracle wants shareholders, not courts, to decide; meanwhile, PeopleSoft unequivocally rejects Oracle's bid.

PeopleSoft Cans Court Action Vs. Oracle

In a continuation of turmoil in the business applications market, Oracle says PeopleSoft withdrew its plan to pursue a temporary restraining order to halt Oracle's plan to buy PeopleSoft.

Oracle Offers to Buy PeopleSoft for $5.1 Billion

UPDATE: Days after PeopleSoft moved to purchase rival enterprise application company J.D. Edwards, the database giant makes its own acquisition move. PeopleSoft's CEO Craig Conway blasts the offer as 'atrociously bad behavior.'

PeopleSoft/J.D. Edwards Facing Challenges

ANALYSIS: Analysts say PeopleSoft's $1.7 billion purchase of J.D. Edwards in order gain a toehold in asset and manufacturing applications faces several challenges in a mature market.

Merger Creates Business Software Giant

PeopleSoft moves to purchase rival J.D. Edwards to become the second-largest business software provider to SAP.

Salesforce.com Pairs CRM Service with Outlook

The concern releases a platform that couples Microsoft's Outlook and its CRM service.

All Aboard for Commerce One's Conductor

The business software maker has already sold its composite application platform to 11 firms.

BEA Presses on with New WebLogic Platform

The software infrastructure outfit revamps WebLogic Platform to make it more conducive to business integration and Web services.

IBM Jazzes Up Business Integration Software

The company fortifies its business integration software line to one-up rivals BEA and Oracle.

IBM, Siebel Broaden Relationship

The firms, whose alliance goes back to 1999, pair flagship software products to lure enterprise customers.

Homestore Coughs Up Consumer Credit Unit

The online real estate firm sheds ConsumerInfo.com to focus on its core real estate business.

Napster Opens Beta Test of New Service

Formerly much reviled by the music industry, Napster seeks legitimacy with a pay-for subscription service; the firm also signed software providers Counterpoint Systems and Portal Software for security and billing applications, respectively.

uBid Latest Firm to Embrace MS' .Net

The software powerhouse and auction/marketplace outfit will work to give the MSN user experience a booster shot.

Sun Forges Key CRM Deal with PeopleSoft

Sun Microsystems and PeopleSoft agree to deliver CRM solutions to communications and brokerage industries.

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