Herman Mehling

The More Pervasive the Use of Business Analytics, the Better the ROI

May 29, 2012

A recent Nucleus Research study shows that, in contrast to most enterprise software deployments, which yield an initially strong ROI that diminishes over time, companies gain a greater ROI as they broaden and deepen their use of analytics.

Are Small Businesses Ready for Big Data?

April 24, 2012

Yes, say vendors such as Actian, Birst and SAP that are targeting small companies with Big Data solutions.

Why Taking Process-centric Approach to CRM Makes Sense

March 5, 2012

Companies look to BPM software to help tame some of their complex customer-facing processes.

Are There Enough Data Scientists to Go Around?

January 18, 2012

A recent EMC survey highlights a shortage of data science skills – a problem likely to get even worse in the near-term future.

Top Business Analytics Startups of 2011

December 14, 2011

As 2011 draws to a close, EnterpriseAppsToday takes a quick look at some of these companies and shows how their apps dovetail with key business intelligence trends.

What Oracle Fusion CRM in the Cloud Means for Salesforce and Siebel Customers

October 27, 2011

Oracle made a bold move into cloud CRM this month, but what does it mean for competitors like Salesforce and Microsoft and Oracle's own Siebel customers?

Social CRM, Office 365 Coming to Microsoft Dynamics CRM

September 29, 2011

Microsoft plans two updates to its online and on-premises CRM software over the next six months. What can users expect?

What's New In Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 ERP?

July 28, 2011

Microsoft will soon release a new version of its flagship ERP software. What can users look forward to?

Business Intelligence and Mobile Devices Will Change Supply Chain Management

June 29, 2011

Supply chain management software and systems could benefit greatly from mobile business intelligence.

Business Process Management (BPM) Offers Growth When the Economy Slows

June 20, 2011

In a slow-growth economy, BPM software helps companies make the most of what they have.

Marketing Automation Heats Up

March 8, 2011

With big names like IBM and Teradata buying in, the marketing automation market is getting noticed. So how can this technology transform your marketing efforts?

Can Microsoft Overtake Oracle and Salesforce in CRM?

February 18, 2011

Microsoft is finally a serious contender in the CRM space.

PMML Makes Predictive Analytics and Data Mining Easier

November 29, 2010

PMML has become the de facto standard for predictive analytics by making it easier to deploy and share analytics models.

Data Virtualization Links CRM, ERP and SCM

November 1, 2010

Queplix unveils software that can extract data from CRM, ERP and supply chain management applications and share it across enterprises.

Top 10 Features of Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011

September 22, 2010

Microsoft hopes its latest CRM offering can help the software giant gain ground on Salesforce.com.

Open Source R Language Could Revolutionize Business Intelligence

August 30, 2010

The open source R programming language promises big advances in analytics and business intelligence, and IBM and SAS are among the companies getting on board.

CRM and Business Intelligence Get Smarter with Analytics

August 5, 2010

Business analytics is moving business intelligence and CRM from analyzing the past to predicting and influencing the future.

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