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Michael Pastore

CRM Takes Priority Among IT Investments

More U.S. businesses will spend $500,000 or more on CRM technology over the next two years than they will on other large-scale infrastructure projects, but a report by Jupiter Media Metrix questions whether all this spending will really improve customer service.

SMBs Could Drive Software Market

Small and medium-sized businesses could be a major force in the software market, according to Jupiter Media Metrix, which expects financial management, CRM and e-commerce applications to lead the way.

Shoppers Show Confidence in Internet for Holidays

Most of the data compiled from the 2001 holiday shopping season has yet to be disseminated, but the basic theme seems to be more shoppers spending more money.

More Banks Offering Online Services to Customers

Community banks continue to invest in technological tools and applications that provide value to customers and increase operational efficiency, according to the Independent Community Bankers of America and Infinet Resources.

Retailers Learning from Past Web Woes

Many retailer's online operations are proving to be surprisingly effective, according to research by Shop.org and The Boston Consulting Group, and an increase in efficient online marketing may get the credit.

ISPs Barely Passing Customer Service Tests

A survey by the National Regulatory Research Institute and BIGresearch of more than 14,000 Internet users found that almost half have complained to their ISP about the quality of service.

Consulting, Integration Firms Stake Claim to CRM Market

While economic conditions appear to have forced some companies to delay projects or reduce the scope of implementation, Dataquest predicts the CRM market will have a healthy 2002.

E-Tailers Try to Master the Customer Service Thing

Thirty-five percent of all Americans report being very satisfied with their online holiday shopping experience, which is better than years past, but also leaves room for improvement.

Consumers Lack Interest in Online Gift Registries

Almost three-quarters of the online buyers in the United States have not viewed, created or purchased from an online gift registry, according to research by Jupiter Media Metrix. Are retailers missing the boat or are consumers just not interested?

Lump of Coal for E-Commerce Predictions

Flying in the face of research that has predicted a prosperous holiday season for online retailers, a study by Odyssey found online consumers have become wary of e-commerce.

Convenience Key to Successful Holiday Season

Online retail and travel sales from the 2001 holiday season will reach approximately $11.9 billion, according to Jupiter Media Metrix, and sites that provide convenience for consumers stand to benefit the most.

Multichannel Shoppers Key to Retail Success

Shoppers who use multiple channels -- store, catalog and online -- tend to spend more and be more loyal, according to a Shop.org study. But it remains unclear whether retailers can take advantage of what consumers want from tri-channel retailers.

Consumers Shop Online Despite Abundance of Problems

The second annual international study of online shopping by Consumers International found that Internet shoppers still cannot shop with confidence. But that doesn't appear to stop Internet users in the world's most advanced online markets.

Consumers Turn Backs to Bells and Whistles

U.S. consumers are more likely to revisit Web sites that are fast loading, customizable and more informative than those that offer rich media or content delivery to wireless handsets, according to research by Jupiter Media Metrix.

Online Banking Continues to Disappoint

Banks offering online services report that only 5 to 10 percent of their customer base use such services, eMarketer found. This means that, for many financial institutions, online banking has not lived up to its promise.

Banks Hold the Key to Online Trust

Online consumers looking to move their shopping and finances online have two choices: They can try to remember an increasing amount of user names, passwords and personal information, or they can go the route of a digital wallet type service. In the end it comes down to who you trust.

Customer Service, New Channels Lead M-Commerce in Europe

M-commerce in Europe is primarily being driven by companies wishing to gain new channels to market and improve customer services according to a study by Datamonitor.

CRM Sector Will Survive Software Spending Slowdown

Total CRM software application revenues will increase from $9.4 billion worldwide by the end of 2001, to approximately $30.6 billion in 2005, according to a study by Cahners In-Stat Group.

Offline Brands Continue to Master E-Commerce

As if the most recent holiday season wasn't proof enough that offline brands are taking over the e-commerce world, a survey by Andersen found that e-tailing sites associated with brick-and-mortar stores are delivering the best overall customer satisfaction.

Despite Customer Service Woes, Online Retailing Keeps Growing

Greenfield Online found that for 10 consecutive quarters, more than 60 percent of U.S. online consumers have made at least one purchase on the Web. Imagine what retailers could do if they gave customers what they wanted.

CRM To Lead Market For Analytical Applications

International Data Corporation says this market will record revenues upwards of $2 billion by 2004.

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