Pamela Parker

Yahoo! Hires Chief Data Officer

December 14, 2004

Revenue Science co-founder joins the portal player.

NetRatings Goes Down Under to Expand Site Analytics

December 22, 2003

The American company springs for Aussie measurement firm RedSheriff.

Consumers Accept, Welcome Mobile Marketing

January 30, 2002

A Nokia-funded study finds that 88 percent of those surveyed would be receptive to certain types of marketing messages on their cell phones.

The Most Intimate Communication

November 16, 2001

As a marketer, you're looking to build a warm, trusting relationship with your customers, right? You want them to think of your brand as their friend, their confidant, something upon which they can rely.

The Wireless Tower of Babel

August 7, 2001

Will the big wireless carriers ever get around to standardizing their lingo and educating customers (not to mention service reps) about what the terms mean, or has the god of wireless forever doomed the industry to speak in many tongues?

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