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Phil Britt

Startup Spotlight: Nylas' Platform for Email Apps

Nylas offers developers a way to extend the capabilities of email and collaboration without using the IMAP protocol.

5 Ways to Use Virtual Reality in the Enterprise

Employee training, recruitment and onboarding are among the ways enterprises are using virtual reality.

On Way to Omni-Channel, Retailers Try Beacons and More

Location-based technologies, mobility and targeted marketing are part of retailers' efforts to become an omni-channel enterprise.

How to Maximize Your CRM Spending

These tips on CRM evaluation, negotiation and implementation will help you get the biggest bang for your CRM buck.

Cloud Apps Gain Traction with Finance Function

Are companies moving finance functions to the cloud? Yes, especially in areas like payroll and expense management.

Retailers Not Quite Ready for the Cloud

Retailers are dragging their feet in moving key retail applications to the cloud.

Bringing Home the Beacon

'Companies are getting beacons out there as fast as they can,' says president of Location Based Marketing Association. What can we learn from early beacon deployments?

6 Tech Trends Shaping Financial Services

Big Data, biometrics and mobile payments are among trends impacting the financial services industry in 2015.

5 Mobile Marketing Trends

Mobile marketing is undeniably hot. These five trends offer insight into mobile marketing strategies employed by leading-edge companies.

3 Social Media Monitoring Success Stories

Proliferating social media outlets make it tough for companies to craft cohesive marketing efforts. Fortunately, social media monitoring tools can help.

10 Supply Chain Gotchas, and How to Avoid Them

Supply chain mistakes can cost big bucks. So companies should be aware of these 10 common supply chain errors.

Channel Data Management Sheds Light on Supply Chain

Retailers analyze customer data for sales insights, but such data is largely invisible to OEMs. The emerging discipline of channel data management hopes to change that.

8 Trends Boosting Supply Chain Efficiency

Logistics is a key area of focus for companies hoping to improve their supply chains, experts say.

Where Are Mobile Payments Headed?

Apple is not the only company trying to grab a piece of the nascent mobile payment market.

6 Tech Trends Shaping Financial Services

Big Data, biometrics and mobile payments are among trends impacting the financial services industry in 2015.

9 Tech Trends Transforming Retail

The retail industry's reputation as a technology laggard is beginning to change, say experts.

Data Analysis Enables Omni-channel Marketing

Financial institutions use data analytics to improve their omni-channel marketing strategies.

Forget Big Data; Focus on Relevant Data

While many organizations focus on Big Data, relevant data is what really matters for marketing efforts.

Consumers Love Mobile Marketing, Location-based Services

Mobile marketing, particularly location-based mobile marketing, provides big opportunities for businesses and benefits for consumers.

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