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Sean Michael Kerner

Neo Technology Raises $36M to Boost Graph Database App Tech

Open-Source graph database developer is building a serious commercial business.

Apple Updates Apps Ahead of MacBook Pro Update

While a key focus of Apple's apps update is for the new Touch Bar feature on its MacBook Pro, that's not the only thing that is changing.

Vendors Pile on Big Data News at Strata

Cloudera, Pentaho and Alation are among vendors making Big Data announcements at this week's Strata event.

Oracle Updates Apps for Next Gen Cloud

Adaptive Intelligent Applications, visual code and Analytics Cloud are among Oracle's application announcements at OpenWorld.

How Lyft Built Its App (and Business) on AWS

Scaling an app used to be a challenge but the cloud changes everything, as Lyft's experience shows.

Hadoop Summit Brings Big Data News

Multiple Big Data vendors and efforts debut new Hadoop technologies at this week's summit in California.

Red Hat Reiterates Support for Java EE With New Release

Red Hat announces new products and tools for Java EE and Microsoft .NET at developer event.

Holberton School Wakes Students up to IT Operations

Sylvain Kalache, founder of Holberton School, discusses a partnership with PagerDuty that aims to show students DevOps reality. [PODCAST]

Tesora Positions OpenStack Trove Database-as-a-Service for the Future

 [VIDEO] Ken Rugg, CEO of Tesora, discusses the latest innovations in the OpenStack Trove project and what's coming in the Newton release cycle.

Summit Sparks Flurry of New Products

The open source Apache Spark project is being embraced by multiple vendors this week, with Spark integration into new and existing data analytics platforms.

Puppet Embraces Docker Containers for Delivery

Puppet is now testing out delivering its software as Docker containers.

Salesforce on Track for $10B in Revenue

Salesforce CEO Marc Benioff takes a few shots at rivals Oracle and SAP – again - as he positions his company for future growth.

MarkLogic 9 Boosts NoSQL Database [PODCAST]

Joe Pasqua, EVP of Products at MarkLogic, discusses how MarkLogic aims to differentiate against its NoSQL database peers.

Cloudera Gives Hadoop a Spark

[PODCAST] Cloudera execs explain what's new in their latest enterprise Hadoop platform and why Spark is displacing MapReduce for Big Data.

How General Catalyst's Steve Herrod Sees DevOps

VIDEO: Steve Herrod, managing director at General Catalyst, discusses his views on DevOps and where opportunities exist.

Designing APIs with Restlet Studio [PODCAST]

Jerome Louvel, CTO and founder of Restlet, explains how his company's new tool can simplify building APIs.

Is Perl the Duct Tape of the Internet? [PODCAST]

After decades of use, open source Perl remains a popular development language that holds much of the modern Internet together.

Apache Arrow to Accelerate Open Source Big Data Analytics

Apache debuts top level open source Big Data analytics project that could make data analytics processing a hundred times faster.

Pentaho Expands Data Analysis with Python [PODCAST]

Will Gorman, VP of Pentaho Labs, explains how the new Python integration will benefit data scientists and what's coming next.

MariaDB Raises New Money, Gets New CEO

Open source database vendor MariaDB ramps up executive suite for 2016.

Which Enterprise Apps Were Popular in 2015?

Slack, Zendesk and Jobvite were among the fastest growing enterprise apps in 2015, according to Okta.

Zendesk Brings Advanced Voice to Customer Service

When it comes to customer service capabilities, voice is still king.

Drupal 8 Released

After years of delay, major update for popular open source CMS Drupal debuts.

Pentaho 6 Blends Virtual and Physical Data for Business Intelligence

New enterprise and community editions bring enhanced capabilities.

Altiscale Expands Hadoop-as-a-Service in Data Cloud 4.0

Not every organization wants or needs to run their own Big Data environment, some just want to run it as a service.

Acquia Funding Tops $173M as Drupal 8 Release Nears

Acquia raises $55 million as it prepares for release of Drupal 8.

Salesforce Revenue Hits $1.6B, Benioff Slams CRM Rivals

Salesforce CEO Marc Benioff has never lacked bravado, and his company's continued financial success is giving him more fuel than ever.

ERP Under Attack at Black Hat [VIDEO]

Onapsis CTO details risks of legacy protocols and complexity in enterprise applications like SAP's ERP.

IBM Planning on Bringing Native Containers and Pure Apps to Power8

Doug Balog, general manager of IBM's Power Systems group, discusses his company's plans for more apps and more containers running on Power.

Drupal 8 Nears Finish Line

Popular open source CMS refresh still isn't "done," but it's getting close with announcement of commercial support.

Cloud Is All about Apps, Says Amazon's CTO

It's the apps, stupid. Forget about infrastructure, says CTO of Amazon Web Services, and just build applications.

Why General Catalyst Invested in Runscope [VIDEO]

APIs are key to future applications, says venture capitalist who invested in Runscope, a provider of API performance management tools.

AppFormix Raises $7M for App Infrastructure Control

Infrastructure control company comes out of stealth in a bid to provide greater visibility and performance for enterprise apps.

Sonatype Facilitates DevOps Approach to App Dev

Building enterprise apps today requires an understanding of all the components used, which is where Sonatype's new Nexus platform comes in.

Why Walmart Doesn't Have Legacy IT

Walmart CIO Karenann Terrell details how the world's largest retailer handles app refreshes and how it views Big Data.

Big Oil, Meet Big Data Analytics

An early adopter of Big Data analytics, ConocoPhillips makes it fun for employees to experiment with data using a custom data visualization environment.

Appcito Aims to Optimize Docker App Deployments

SaaS player aims to secure and accelerate Docker app deployments with its cloud services front end.

Komodo IDE 9 Advances Web Development History

After 15 years, application developers are still using ActiveState's Komodo IDE.

Tesora Embraces Oracle Databases for the Cloud

OpenStack cloud platform to benefit from expanded database application support in Tesora's latest release.

Hitachi Buys Pentaho to Bolster Big Data Business

Pentaho's CEO says Hitachi's acquisition of his company is the largest deal yet for a Big Data company.

Lightning Strikes at Salesforce with DIY Development Platform

Salesforce's new Lightning platform aims to make it easier for ordinary folks to build apps, and leverages open source tech to do so.

MapR Frees Hadoop Education

Big Data vendor provides $50M worth of Hadoop training for free.

Distelli Raises $2.8 Million for App Deployment as a Service Platform

Making it easier to get applications  into the cloud is Distelli's goal.

GraphLab Becomes Dato, Raises $18.5M for Machine Learning Tech

Lead commercial backer of the GraphLab analytics open source project sets a course for the future.

Hachicorp Raises $10M to Advance Open Source DevOps Vision

Developer behind the popular open source Vagrant tool expands with new commercial product and the money to move it forward.

Mesosphere Raises $36M for Application Data Center OS

Lead commercial sponsor behind Apache Mesos project announces new commercial effort that leverages open source components as well as its own 'secret sauce.'

Apache Drills into Hadoop

In a big week for Big Data, Apache Drill becomes a top level project as Hadoop 2.6.0 is released.

Cloudera Improves Hadoop Big Data Features and Security

New version of Cloudera Enterprise debuts, along with a new partnership with Linux vendor Red Hat.

Micro Focus Acquiring Attachmate for $2.3B

Deal will bring Novell, SUSE and NetIQ under the Micro Focus fold.

MapR Gets Big Money for Big Data

$110 million funding round underscores high-value potential for Big Data applications.

Oracle Accelerates Apps In-Memory

Migrating enterprise applications from disk to memory comes with some significant performance gains.

Oracle Expands Enterprise Management

Oracle Enterprise Manager 12c update aims to better manage software and hardware, including cloud deployments.

SAP HANA Now Supported on Red Hat Enterprise Linux

Enterprise Linux vendor Red Hat's announcement that it will support SAP's HANA is good news for SAP and Red Hat hardware partners like Dell and IBM.

Big Data a Big Priority for Most Organizations

Exclusive research shows that many organizations are interested in Big Data Analytics, though few have deployed it - yet.

SAP HANA Ready for VMware vSphere 5.5

With VMware partnership, SAP extends its HANA in-memory database technology for virtualized applications.

Tibco Acquires Jaspersoft for $185 Million

How will open-source business intelligence vendor Jaspersoft change under new ownership?

Hadoop Provider Cloudera Raises $160M in New Funding

Big Data pioneer Cloudera continues to grow, but is it a profitable business yet?

Red Hat Deepens Big Data Partnership with Hortonworks

Red Hat is deepening its relationship with Hortonworks. But why isn't the Linux vendor just acquiring the provider of Hadoop technologies?

Hadoop 2.0 Spins New Big Data YARN

After four years of development, next major milestone of open source Apache Hadoop debuts.

Cloudera Open Sources Sentry Tech to Secure Big Data

How do you secure access to Hadoop? Cloudera has an answer.

Oracle Updates Exalytics for Analytics Scale

Oracle's new Exalytics engineered system provides more memory, but sticks with the same silicon.

HP Builds New Big Data HAVEn

HP's new Big Data solution pairs Hadoop with Autonomy and Vertica.

Crafter Open Source CMS Goes Solo

New standalone organization created to support the open source Crafter content management system.

Cloudera Accelerates Big Data with Impala GA

Hadoop isn't just for batch processing of Big Data queries anymore. Cloudera introduces an open source project that enables real-time queries in Hadoop.

MapR Brings Open Source Hadoop to Github and Ubuntu Linux

Big Data technology gets more open, with MapR's move to expand its Linux presence.

Big Data Open Source App Framework Gets Funded

Concurrent raises $4 million and gets a new CEO, as it pushes the Cascading open source project used for building Big Data apps into the enterprise.

Dell Accelerates Moves to SAP HANA

Dell jumps into the ring to deliver pre-packaged SAP HANA infrastructure solutions.

Oracle Advances Cloud App Plans

A lot has happened since Oracle first announced its public cloud plans.

SAP Marks Another 'Best Year Ever' with HANA, Cloud Growth

Buoyed by adoption of HANA, SAP Co-CEO William McDermott calls 2012 the company's best year ever.

Zettaset Raises Millions to Orchestrate Big Data

Managing and deploying Hadoop for Big Data shouldn't be a Big Problem, says founder of Zettaset, a startup that just completed its B round of financing.

HP Revamps AppSystem for Scale Out

New AppSytem hardware/software approach goes for a 'Lego'-like approach to building scale-out architecture. First up: new Vertica and Big Data Hadoop.

Drupal Sponsor Acquia Brings in $68.5 Million of Funding

New round of funding will help build and expand the operations of open source enterprise content management system vendor Acquia.

Salesforce Keeps Adding New Products, Growing Revenues

Salesforce.com's Marc Benioff isn't worried about Oracle and SAP as his company pushes past the $3 billion annual revenue run rate milestone.

Jaspersoft 5.0 Enables Business Intelligence with HTML5

Data analysis visualization gets a boost in Jaspersoft's updated business intelligence platform release.

Does Cloudera Have a Big Data Exit Strategy?

Cloudera's CEO has sold out to Oracle before. Will he do it again? And what are the economics of the Big Data business, anyway?

MicroStrategy Uses Cloud to Deliver Self-serve Business Intelligence

New MicroStrategy service delivers some advanced business intelligence functionality to mobile and desktop users.

Cloudera Intros Hadoop Real Time Query Engine for Big Data

Cloudera's Project Impala could change the way Big Data is used.

Former Yahoo Cloud Chief Aims to Ease Hadoop Development

New startup wants to "appify" Hadoop for enterprises with Continuity Application Fabric.

Cisco Tidal Takes on Big Data

Cisco adds Hadoop capabilities to the newest version of its Tidal Enterprise Scheduler application automation software.

SAP HANA Comes to Cisco and HP

Server vendors roll out new hardware to support SAP's HANA in-memory database.

Oracle Database Certified for Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6, Oracle 6

Over a year after Oracle released its own flagship Linux release, its namesake database is finally certified to run on it.

Oracle Earnings Grow; Ellison Blasts SAP

Oracle CEO Larry Ellison says moving applications to the cloud isn't an all-or-nothing proposition for Oracle. He also says the competition, notably SAP and Salesforce.com, isn't offering the right cloud model.

Pentaho Targets OEMs with Embedded Analytics

Is business intelligence analytics a standalone technology? Sure, but it's also a great fit with other enterprise software too.

Salesforce.com Grows on Big Deals (And Small Ones Too)

Benioff highlights eight- and nine-figure deals, though he says Salesforce remains committed to chasing them all.

Pentaho Open Sources Big Data Capabilities with Kettle

Transforming application data to work with Hadoop and other Big Data frameworks is about to get easier, thanks to Pentaho’s Kettle 4.3 release.

Canonical Brings Apps to Life on Ubuntu Linux Desktop

Linux vendor could change the way users interact with enterprise applications with its Heads Up Display. The intelligent HUD interface will understand user needs and respond to them.

Oracle's Big Data Powered by Cloudera's Hadoop

Oracle decides to partner for Hadoop-powered hardware.

Pentaho Business Analytics Gets an In-Memory Boost

New release of business analytics suite delivers a new type of hybrid in-memory/on-disk analytics.

IBM Evolves from On Demand to SmartCloud

New IBM application services for cloud include middleware, DB2, SAP services and CRM.

Oracle Exalytics Aims for Business Intelligence at the Speed of Thought

Oracle's new in-memory database appliance accelerates data analysis.

JasperSoft Makes Business Intelligence Mobile

Jasper 4.2 includes new mobile capabilities for the open source-based business intelligence suite.

Oracle Grows Software Business, Moves Away from x86 Hardware

Oracle CEO Larry Ellison says Oracle database already supports unstructured data and explains why he's moving away from x86.

Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6 Gets SAP Blessing

Linux vendor ramps up software certifications for next-generation enterprise Linux platform.

SAP Under Attack at Black Hat

Security researcher finds serious issues at the heart of SAP, and provides a tool to help users fix the problem.

Oracle's Software, Database Sales Drive Growth

Apps and databases are strong, and CEO Larry Ellison slams rivals for having 'nothing' in key business segments.

Pentaho 4 Improves User-Driven Business Intelligence

Business intelligence isn't just for an elite few anymore.

Red Hat, SAP Partner in Joint Support Deal

Supporting SAP applications on Red Hat Enterprise Linux is about to get easier.

Oracle Grows Its Apps Business

Third-quarter revenues grow at Oracle, thanks in part to strong apps performance.

Pentaho Upgrades Open Source Business Intelligence Software

Pentaho's latest business intelligence suite ups the ante with guided analysis and interactive dashboards.

Drupal 8 Open Source CMS Starts to Take Shape

The open source content management system used by Congress and the White House plans its next major release.

Novell Expands Linux Availability for SAP

Novell expands its relationship with SAP with delivery of a new highly available, optimized Linux platform.

Salesforce Acquires Ruby Cloud Vendor Heroku for $212 Million

It's not just about Java anymore as the SaaS CRM vendor makes a big move into the open source Ruby language.

SAP Taps Novell for StreamWork Collaboration Service

New collaborative decision-making app from SAP takes to the cloud, with Novell's tech under the hood.

Researcher Warns SAP Prone to Back Door Exploits

Black Hat researcher details how SAP systems remain vulnerable to back door attacks despite the growing number of security fixes the company has been issuing.

SugarCRM 6 Debuts with Open Source and Commercial Features

Users of the newest free open source version will get a different user interface and fewer features than those who buy the commercial version.

SugarCRM 6 Gives a New View on Open Source CRM Software

Latest version of open source CRM adds new features and a new look as the project celebrates a major milestone

SugarCRM 5 Pulling Against Closed Source CRM

Some might think the deck is stacked against open source CRM. SugarCRM's John Roberts is out to prove them wrong.

John Roberts, CEO, SugarCRM

The CEO of the open source company opens up about what it takes to be successful in a market dominated by proprietary solutions.

Sugar 4.5 Gets 'AJAXed'

The CRM package debuts Windows and Linux versions in its AJAX makeover.

SugarCRM Sweetens Open Source CRM

Version 4.0 set to debut this week, but is the pace of innovation too fast for enterprise users?

Review: Crafty Syntax Live Help

Immediate customer interaction is often the key to increased customer satisfaction and sales. Crafty Syntax Live Help (CSLH) is an open source solution that helps customer interaction with Live help functionality that can be pushed to, or pulled by, the consumer.

SugarCRM Upgrades Core Suite

The company's Sugar Suite expands customization and wireless integration.

Build, Publish and Analyze Your Own Online Surveys

When it comes to e-business, it pays to know what your customers are thinking. WebSurveyor 5.0 makes surveying your patrons easier than ever.

VeriSign Accelerates DNS

From twice a day updates to just minutes for updating name servers.

SMBs Poised to Spend on CRM

Forecast from AMI-Partners suggests small and medium sized businesses are more keen on software purchases.

PeopleSoft Upgrades Key Product Lines

Analytics key to three new industry packages from the enterprise software giant, along with a new IBM partnership at its Leadership Summit.

ERP Vendors Debate Customer Loyalties

SAP disputes Lawson's claim that large business software providers are out of touch with customers.

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