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Salesforce.com Explains Its OpenSocial Strategy

November 2, 2007

Salesforce.com's Adam Gross explains the company's widget strategy.

Salesforce: The New Microsoft?

January 20, 2006

Software-on-demand vendor's story beginning to sound a lot like Redmond's.

Online Sales Up, Service Down

January 11, 2006

Two reports highlight growing issues with customer service at Web shopping sites.

Yahoo Analytics Marries Online And Off

December 19, 2005

With online ads set to take an even bigger bite of the media pie in 2006, interactive media powerhouse Yahoo wants to show clients just how well it works.

A CRM Sandbox For Wary Customers

December 12, 2005

New testing service will let companies try out apps in a parallel IT universe.

Social Shopping at Yahoo

November 21, 2005

Revamped site aims to amp holiday spending by adding social networking.

Xactly Enters On Demand Arena With Incent

September 6, 2005

The new company focuses on adding intelligence to sales commissions.

Satisfied Online Shoppers Adding Up

June 7, 2005

Online sales are booming. But even the top-grossing e-tailers may be leaving money on the table, a study reported on Wednesday.

Accenture to Sell Salesforce.com

May 24, 2005

UPDATED: Easy-to-customize on-demand software doesn't preclude the need for help in redefining business processes, the companies say.

Salesforce.com: The MS Office Killer

April 12, 2005

The scrappy on-demand software company wants to eat a big chunk of Microsoft's lunch.

Microsoft Developers, Meet Salesforce.com

February 2, 2005

The on-demand CRM vendor creates a developer program for Microsoft's enterprise suite.

ESurance Hires Veeper for Customer Service

January 25, 2005

The online car insurance broker uses a 'virtual customer service rep' to get users over the transaction hump.

Microsoft Updates ERP, Teams With Siebel

October 4, 2004

Redmond eyes more enterprise share with release of Solomon 6.0 and its self-service portal.

Will Salesforce IPO Float All Boats?

June 22, 2004

The software-on-demand industry hopes a sizzling offering will juice up the sector.

HP Hawks RFID at SAP Confab

May 12, 2004

New test center and RFID customers are highlights of HP's presence at the SAPPHIRE conference.

Siebel Steps Down as CEO; Shuffle at IBM

May 3, 2004

The CRM leader will relinquish the CEO role to an executive of long-time partner IBM, while Big Blue's CFO John Joyce is headed for Global Services.

Salesforce.com Tees up IPO Price

April 21, 2004

The on-demand applications provider files to offer 10 million shares, and adds a poison pill provision.

Discount Online Retailer to 'Bill Me Later'

April 6, 2004

TigerDirect is the latest company to sign on for technology that offers a credit card-free way for customers to pay.

Salesforce.com's In-Office Appearance

January 16, 2004

The hosted CRM provider uses Web services to send its customer information directly to Microsoft Office documents.

KANA Customers Connected at the Hipbone

January 5, 2004

The CRM specialist's acquisition lets call center reps help customers via live chat and co-browsing.

Responsys Adds Deep Analytics

October 27, 2003

The e-mail marketing technology vendor says its new platform lets marketers get better ROI by fine-tuning data across campaigns and systems.

Salesforce.com Unleashes 'sforce'

June 3, 2003

Strategic alliances with BEA, Microsoft and Sun result in a developer's toolkit designed to let users comfortably write their own software-as-service applications.

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