Roambi Brings Business Intelligence to the iPad

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MeLLmo has redesigned its iPhone mobile dashboard app for Apple's iPad.

MeLLmo has introduced the Raombi app for the iPad, which is designed to help companies turn business reports into interactive mobile dashboards.

"Roambi ES gives users the flexibility to instantly transform [an] existing BI solution into a cutting-edge mobile reporting system," writes TMCnet's Raju Shanbhag. "The executives can now deliver business data into the hands of their employees, customers, and partners, with simplicity, security, and ROI."

"With Roambi, companies can turn their business data -- from Excel spreadsheets, Google Docs, and premium reporting services like SAP BusinessObjects and Salesforce CRM -- into secure, interactive mobile dashboards," Shanbhag writes.

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"The iPad has the potential to boost the productivity and decision-making of on-the-go executives through innovative applications like Roambi," says MeLLmo chairman and co-founder Santiago Becerra. "Roambi allows mobile workers not only to stay connected, but to analyze and present up-to-the-minute company information whether they are on a plane, in an elevator or in a conference room. Roambi's mobile dashboards are the perfect tools for executives, providing big picture and detailed views of KPIs that bring complex analytics like identifying data trends and relationships into clear view."

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This article was originally published on April 7, 2010
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