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ClickTale Offers Customer Heatmaps, Form Analytics

By Vangie Beal     Feedback

ClickTale's customer experience analytics package goes beyond bounce rates and pageviews to track and analyze a customer's on-page behavior.

Website analytics is an important tool for any small business or ecommerce business. ClickTale, a provider of Customer Experience Analytics (CEA), is one company that offers a way for businesses to see more than just page transitions -- it provides a way to see in-depth analytics for every page and every customer interaction and experience that takes place within a website. As noted in this report on eCommerce-Guide.com, using ClickTale you can see where customers came from, what pages they visited within your site, the links each clicked on, how far down each page they scrolled and if they successfully submitted a form or completed any call-to-action on your site.

"Earlier this month ClickTale introduced two new behavioral heatmap features to give site owners even more details about website visitors and their browsing behavior.

"Heatmaps are designed to show site owners which parts of a page get the most attention from website visitors. The product offers heatmaps to show you which parts of the page are read or skipped over, mouse movement and clicks, and how far down your page a visitor scrolls and where they abandon.

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"The recently added Segmented Heatmaps feature lets site owners filter ClickTale's visual heatmaps based on any customer information or browsing behavior. With this new feature you can quickly view data from as many as 100,000 visitors in a single graphical report, to compare and contrast how different user groups engage with the webpage."

Read the Full "ClickTale: Customer Behavioral Heatmaps, Form Analytics" Story at eCommerce-Guide.com

This article was originally published on August 23, 2010
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