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Lister Technologies Unveils Business Intelligence for Healthcare

By Paul Shread     Feedback

Lister unveils a business intelligence solution built for the needs of healthcare providers.

Lister Technologies has unveiled a new healthcare business intelligence solution.

Lister HITAM is "designed to rapidly streamline the integration of disparate financial, clinical and operational data silos within healthcare organizations," the company said, giving healthcare providers a "single view into their true organizational performance for improved patient safety, cost intelligence and causal analysis."

Aberdeen senior research analyst Michael Lock said the solution is especially good for small hospitals.

"Today's smaller hospitals are faced with a complex and exhaustive infrastructure of disparate data sources," Lock said in a statement. "There is a clear need for more efficient processes coupled with the appropriate technologies to allow for greater visibility and deeper analysis of the crucial data residing in these source systems. By bridging multiple data repositories, hospitals can have the comprehensive insight they need to better manage the high cost of service delivery while better improving patient safety, cost intelligence and causal analysis for overall patient satisfaction."

Lister HITAM is a prepackaged business intelligence solution designed for rapid deployment, the company said. The framework "provides a holistic view into healthcare IT data management by spanning the multiple data applications and infrastructures that comprise today's typical hospital environment, regardless of their operating system or platform."

Using logical data models and customizable reports, HITAM "measures, analyzes and predicts business performance so that healthcare organizations can have the data integrity and consistency they need for effective revenue cycle management, greater operational efficiency and regulatory compliance."

HITAM includes more than 500 customizable Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) that support financial, claims, operational and clinical processes. The solution performs a multi-dimensional analysis of data "with the flexibility and customization ease required to support the needs of even the smallest IT staffs," the company said. Results and predictive analyses are presented in customizable reports and dashboards.

M|C Communications, a provider of medical education event management solutions for more than 350,000 healthcare professionals around the world, said Lister's business intelligence solution has helped it integrate data from diverse sources such as sales, marketing, meetings/operations, education, online, IT and the company's analytics team.

"Our infrastructure has a lot of complex business reporting and a high volume of analytics requests," Eric Schlumper, director of IT & Online Operations for M|C, said in a statement. "Lister's business intelligence solutions have helped us fulfill these needs with great efficiency and speed. We no longer have to do much manual manipulation of data and files to achieve the reporting we need, so turning around requests, both internally and externally, is much faster than ever before."

India-based Lister has also opened a North America Headquarters in Los Angeles to support the new offering.

Lister HITAM is available now as both a SaaS-based and enterprise licensed solution with a 90-day implementation plan. Lister said it uses a modular and phased deployment approach for rapid investment return.

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This article was originally published on February 2, 2011
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