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MicroStrategy in Blockbuster Deal

By dc.internet.com Staff     Feedback

Blockbuster Video in the U.K. will use MicroStrategy to drive its customer-insight initiatives.

Business-intelligence software developer MicroStrategy Inc. (NASDAQ:MSTR) said that Blockbuster Inc.'s (NYSE:BBI) Blockbuster U.K. unit will use MicroStrategy software to drive its customer-insight initiatives.

MicroStrategy officials said Blockbuster has selected the MicroStrategy Customer Analyzer suite of analytical CRM (customer relationship management) applications and MicroStrategy Transactor to further assist them in gaining better insight into the effectiveness of its marketing campaigns and improve its customer interactions.

Blockbuster's adoption of MicroStrategy Transactor will facilitate seamless transactions and interactions. For example, customers can then either click a button on their pager, mobile phone or phone to purchase a product, or sign up to reserve a film at their local store.

Blockbuster, which is a long-term MicroStrategy customer, has already used the MicroStrategy Business Intelligence Platform to enhance productivity and efficiency through its inventory management video rental performance analysis applications.

This article was originally published on September 20, 2001
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