Microsoft and HP Could Reshape the IT Landscape: Page 3

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Posted January 22, 2011 By Wayne Kernochan     Feedback
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What Does MicroHP Mean for IT Buyers?

At this point, some readers will say that a concept like MicroHP is the result of the analyst consuming too many microbrews. However, those IT buyers still willing to stay with me may want to consider the following thoughts and action items:


One final note: when I first entered the computer industry in the 1970s, it was hard to imagine a day in which another vendor would have greater revenues than IBM. I have lived to see that day; and now I am imagining a firm that would be twice IBM's size and growing faster — and yet it would be relatively invisible compared to hot firms like Google and Facebook that were created a decade or less ago. The industry remains, after all these years, never dull.


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