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Mobile Business Intelligence Is a Really Big Deal

By Ainsley Jones     Feedback

Mobile business intelligence is poised for rapid growth as the majority of companies find the technology to be important in  a recent survey.

According to a new mobile business intelligence study by analyst Howard Dresner, nearly 90 percent of responding companies think mobile BI is important. Dresner noted that mobile devices and tablets, specifically the iPad, are not only making mobile BI possible, but essential, reports eCRMGuide.com.

Mike Vizard recently spotlighted a couple of vendors whose mobile applications are pushing BI to the iPad. Compelling mobile apps have led Dresner to believe that mobile BI is poised for major growth over the next two years and to catch on with large companies. His points are further expounded upon in this interview with Brett Stupakevich at Smart Data Collective.

This article was originally published on October 29, 2010
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