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Open Source R Language Could Revolutionize Business Intelligence: Page 2

By Herman Mehling     Feedback
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Taking Hadoop and Other Big Data Sources to a New Level

Revolution R Enterprise works with Hadoop, NoSQL databases, relational databases and data warehouses, products used to store and do basic manipulation on very large datasets.

"Together, Hadoop and R can store and analyze massive, complex data," said Saptarshi Guha, developer of the RHIPE R package that integrates the Hadoop framework with R in an automatically distributed computing environment. "Employing the new capabilities of Revolution R Enterprise, we will be able to go even further and compute Big Data regressions."

Netezza, a maker of data warehouse, analytic and monitoring appliances, recently announced its TwinFin data warehousing appliance, which integrates with R. The new appliance includes Netezza's i-Class analytics capabilities and a new release of Netezza Performance Software.

The vendor says its i-Class technology provides extensions for the development and execution of advanced analytics, including support for Java, C/C++, Fortran, Python, MapReduce, Hadoop, SAS and R. The i-Class technology eliminates the need to move data into specialized systems for advanced analytics, accelerating application performance and simplifying their deployment.

Recently, Kelley Blue Book selected the Netezza warehouse appliance to gain deeper insights into advertising performance and site traffic, and to increase customer satisfaction and advertising revenue.

kbb.com, with more than 18 million monthly visits, dramatically reduced the amount of time it took to process data for a variety of purposes, said Dan Ingle, vice president of analytic insights at Kelley Blue Book.

"With Netezza, kbb.com can leverage analytics to provide clients with more accurate user information within minutes, instead of days," said Ingle.

For instance, the company can process vehicle valuation in a day, producing values that can be delivered in near real-time to the marketplace.

Kelley Blue Book also leverages the TwinFin appliance to predict advertising for 12 to 24 months, enabling it to increase revenue, enhance insight into ad performance, and create accurate ad forecasting and analysis for its advertisers.


This article was originally published on August 30, 2010
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