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Call Centers: August 2001

Call Center, Customer Service, and Social CRM software and solutions. - Archive for August 2001

Automatic Broadband Service Tester

August 29, 2001

NetFlare automatically checks ISP services, and presents the test results in a Web screen visible to both consumer and help desk technician, considerably reducing call center calls and escalation.

Fujitsu Picks Malaysia As Regional Hub For InfraCare Service

August 27, 2001

The global service will support end users in more than 100 countries, provide Fujitsu customers with single point of contact on all matters relating to infrastructure support.

Three Benefits Every Customer Wants from You

August 23, 2001

Every customer looks for three special benefits when they do business with you. They may not specifically ask for these benefits, but you're losing sales if you don't automatically provide all three.

When Your Customers Succeed, So Do You

August 23, 2001

Knowing what your customers want is crucial. It allows you to deliver what they want. Will your customers succeed in receiving the benefits of what you deliver? Only by knowing what it means for the user to succeed can you help them do just that.

ABN AMRO Adopts Integrated Multichannel Approach For Customer Care

August 23, 2001

Customer Contact Center in Singapore to better serve growing number of local customers with US$570,000 implementation of ITApps' multimedia interaction management solution.

Interface, Solution 6 in Software Resale Alliance

August 23, 2001

Under the terms of the partnership deal, Solution 6 Group would be able to resell InterAction to current and future CMS OPEN customers.

AT&T Calls on WRQ

August 20, 2001

WRQ, a Seattle-based integration and management solutions company, simplified existing AT&T call center processes while unifying access to customer records and information contained on its legacy host system — all within a four week period.

After Banner Year, Asta Networks Moves to Expand

August 16, 2001

Asta Networks is moving into offices formerly occupied by in order to increase staff and add new customer services, including a Network Operations Center.

eSupportNow Hires Boni

August 16, 2001

The former president and CEO of Prime Response, Inc. joins the online customer service provider.

Banks Hold the Key to Online Trust

August 15, 2001

Online consumers looking to move their shopping and finances online have two choices: They can try to remember an increasing amount of user names, passwords and personal information, or they can go the route of a digital wallet type service. In the end it comes down to who you trust.

Alliance Launches Consumer Privacy Campaign

August 15, 2001

Initiative designed to help companies protect rights of Internet users.

Chat with a Money-Lending Bot

August 15, 2001

Mortgagebot, an online lending service, will utilize the live chat and e-mail solutions of InstantServiceTM to enhance customer satisfaction.

AOL, MSN Earn Low Marks in Consumer Reports Survey

August 14, 2001

AT&T's WorldNet top-ranked dial-up service in overall consumer satisfaction while nation's largest ISPs mop up the cellar.

iSKY Wins Contract

August 14, 2001

Online retailer hires company to enhance customer service.

Customer Service, New Channels Lead M-Commerce in Europe

August 10, 2001

M-commerce in Europe is primarily being driven by companies wishing to gain new channels to market and improve customer services according to a study by Datamonitor.

The Wireless Tower of Babel

August 7, 2001

Will the big wireless carriers ever get around to standardizing their lingo and educating customers (not to mention service reps) about what the terms mean, or has the god of wireless forever doomed the industry to speak in many tongues?

Envision Wins Award for Contact Center Software

August 7, 2001

Envision Telephony's contact center software was recognized at the International Call Center Management Conference and Expo.

Travelocity to Users: Talk to Me

August 6, 2001

A speech recognition app for phone users is rolled out at one travel site; meanwhile, Hotwire adds new cities, new partners and new maps.

Oracle9i Finds Its Voice

August 2, 2001

A partnership with eight other companies means Oracle9i Application Server can interface with vocal commands that can be spoken directly into a handset or hands-free device.

eGain Gets Curious And Launches Virtual Agent

August 1, 2001

Two wireless Web tech firms show off their virtual "help desk" for PDAs and 2-way pagers in Chicago this week.