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Call Centers: February 2002

Call Center, Customer Service, and Social CRM software and solutions. - Archive for February 2002

Satisfaction: Guaranteed?

February 27, 2002

Web Fletcher of Braun Consulting outlines the four steps for moving beyond customer satisfaction to value and profitability.

Pleasing Finicky Consumers Shouldn't Cost an Arm & a Leg

February 26, 2002

The needs of online consumers can be met without overdue expenditure alleged a recent study.

Dealing with the Unhappy Customer

February 25, 2002

At some point in time each and every business is faced with the opportunity of dealing with an upset customer. It may not seem like an excellent marketing opportunity, but good ISPs are those that listen and learn - and sell.

LaGarde, LivePerson Give a "Voice" to StoreFronts

February 20, 2002

Both companies will integrate Web-based instant messaging into a new business messaging e-commerce platform that aims to boost sales for e-tailers

TeaLeaf Brews Up IntegriTea

February 20, 2002

The SAP spin-off launches its first product designed to diagnose and show problems on a customer's Web site from the customer's perspective.

Washington State Automates

February 19, 2002

Washington-based SafeHarbor Technology Corporation will provide Web-based customer support services to a number of its home state's digital government initiatives.

More Than Human

February 15, 2002

Unless your live chat function is monitored 24/7, you'll need some electronic components to satisfy customers around the clock. This product incorporates live chat with e-mail, FAQ and document management tools, allowing customers to find information quickly - whether your chat operators are on duty or not.

Start-Up Aims to Revolutionize Tech Support Call Centers

February 15, 2002

FEATURE: Using a combination of artificial intelligence and voice recognition technology, TuVox seeks to automate technical support.

Start-Up Aims to Revolutionize Tech Support Call Centers

February 15, 2002

Using a combination of artificial intelligence and voice recognition technology, TuVox seeks to automate technical support.

Cable & Wireless Taps iSKY

February 15, 2002

Data-driven customer service firm to identify companies about to lose Internet services.

Comcast Angers Privacy Groups But For What?

February 13, 2002

UPDATE: Comcast is collecting information on its customer's Web browsing activities but the information would have actually helped its users. In any case, the cable ISP vows to end the practice.

Octopus' Luong To Serve Jeeves

February 13, 2002

Tuoc Luong has the undaunted task of meshing Octopus Software into the question and answer search engine's self-service business software solution.

Real-Time Chat Gets Java

February 12, 2002

Online business communication tools from LivePerson get more robust with the introduction of a Java-based version.

Ask Jeeves Behind Drug Company's Search Site

February 11, 2002

The question and answer search engine to help provide customer answers at sites like and

Navigational Systems Defined by Customer Experience

February 11, 2002

Learn how mirroring the customers' experience in the offline world can improve navigational systems on Web sites.

Calif. Probes Pac Bell DSL Cramming

February 8, 2002

UPDATE: DSL customers could get major refunds if a state PUC probe finds the company under reported consumer complaints of overcharges.

Stream Plans Fourth Canadian Center

February 8, 2002

The Canton, Mass., provider of online and off-line help desk services will build a new facility, employing up to 900 people, in London, Ontario.

Financial Firms to Web Users: Help Yourself

February 7, 2002

Seeking competitive advantage, banks, brokerages and mutual funds will triple spending on Web self-service software over the next three years, according to a Newton, Mass., market researcher.

China's Guangzhou Price Control Bureau Revamps Hotline System

February 7, 2002

Customers will be pleased with China's Guangzhou Price Control Bureau's new Hotline System because it allows them to retrieve the key information they want easily and efficiently without being on hold or or having fuss about the busy lines anymore.

PLI, IAB Roll Out Latest Online Privacy Ad Campaign

February 7, 2002

In connection with National Consumer Protection Week, ads focus on cookies, credit cards and consumers.