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Call Centers: October 2003

Call Center, Customer Service, and Social CRM software and solutions. - Archive for October 2003

Is the 'Killer App' Killing You? Part 2

October 13, 2003

For many companies, not responding to customers' e-mail inquiries can be deadly. In part two of our two-part series, we explore ways to …

Mistakes Happen

October 8, 2003

Your personal, private information will never be released to a third party for any reason. Unless, of course, it is. Takes a Simpler Approach to Voice-enablement

October 6, 2003 will bring Metro One's Infone enhanced directory and personal assistant service to subscribers.

Don't Let Them Get Away

October 1, 2003

Understanding exactly when and where lost opportunities occur will help you properly optimize your site and recapture those customers who …