Call Centers: August 2010

Call Center, Customer Service, and Social CRM software and solutions. - Archive for August 2010

Cincom Enhances Call Center Customer Experience

August 25, 2010

Cincom is collaborating with IBM BAO to improve customer experience in call centers.

Will FTC Online Tracking Restrictions Hurt CRM?

August 18, 2010

The FTC wants Internet users to be able to opt out of online behavior tracking. What could that mean for customer relationship management …

Social CRM Software Part of Customer Service Picture

August 18, 2010

Social CRM is more than a buzzword but it is also only part of the bigger customer service picture.

Solariat Offers New Conversational Analysis and Marketing Tool

August 6, 2010

AdLib is designed to analyze, interpret and respond to conversations within social media.

CRM and Business Intelligence Get Smarter with Analytics

August 5, 2010

Business analytics is moving business intelligence and CRM from analyzing the past to predicting and influencing the future.