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In Any Language, Banter Means Customer Care

By Robyn Greenspan     Feedback

The newest release of Banter's Relationship Modeling Engine brings multiple language support.

SAN FRANCISCO, CA--Banter Inc., a provider of next-generation technologies for e-communication, content classification and business process automation, has released version 4.5 of the Relationship Modeling Engine (RME).

Banter's intelligent communication technologies address the e-business challenge of too much unstructured information and too few people to handle it effectively. The new release focuses on increased accuracy and faster self-learning, as well as significantly more efficient and effective customer communication. Additionally, RME offers complete linguistic analysis of English, French, Spanish and German while also supporting other languages.

Other features of RME v4.5 include:

  • Integral language identification module with support for multiple languages on a single system
  • Improved intuitive scoring system resulting in higher accuracy
  • Support for Unicode UTF-8, Unicode UTF-16 and Windows1252
  • Dictionaries for configuring language processing and validating texts
  • Platform support for Windows NT 4.0, Windows 2000 and Sun Solaris
  • New text mining and configuration tools
  • Extended and improved API for easier integration

"Banter's RME version 4.5 sets new standards in accuracy, true multi-lingual support and ease of integration and deployment," said Yoram Nelken, founder and CTO of Banter. "With theses extended capabilities, Banter is now well positioned to address the burgeoning global markets."

RME v4.5 builds upon Banter's highly successful core technology and its strengths include robust natural language processing of imperfect content; analytical semantic modeling and content classification; and feedback mechanisms that enable real-time learning and rapid, automatic adaptation to constantly changing business environments

This article was originally published on March 21, 2001
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