CRM: November 2001

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) and sales force automation software and solutions. - Archive for November 2001

Kana Secures Additional Cash

November 30, 2001

The maker of customer relationship management software with a major presence in Manchester, N.H., raises $55 million in financing.

Gazelle Gets Green

November 30, 2001

The Newton, Mass., provider of customer relationship management software for restaurants, has raised $3.25 million in VC financing.

The Only Way Is Up

November 29, 2001

A new Aberdeen Group report predicts that CRM revenues will increase at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 19.9 percent over the next …

Taking the Pledge for CRM Success, Part III

November 28, 2001

In this final installment of an open letter to executives who are struggling with CRM implementation, Arthur O'Connor outlines the third …

USA Today Chooses Salesforce.com For CRM

November 27, 2001

Salesforce.com adds another media customer as one of the nation largest newspapers deploys its online Customer Relationship Management …

CRM Crystal Ball

November 27, 2001

"Top CRM Trends for 2002" outlines what Braun Consulting believes are the 11 most important elements based on the current economic …

Customer Relationship Management Goes Mobile

November 27, 2001

It's all about making the most of customer data. Losing the wires could add efficiency. Our analysis will help you begin to assess your …

CRM Gets Lift from Financial Sector

November 26, 2001

Investment in customer relationship management technologies by retail financial institutions will drive healthy growth of these tools …

How Salespeople Can Improve Value

November 26, 2001

My last column solicited suggestions for a new data analytics acronym. I got enthusiastic responses. One was suggested by …

See and Say CRM

November 26, 2001

Eyretel, a supplier of customer contact recording and analysis solutions, has applied its expertise to call centers with a product that …

Applix Seeks Customers in Asia

November 26, 2001

The Westborough, Mass., CRM software maker releases versions of its product in Japanese, Korean and Chinese to serve companies that are …

Avoiding the Lime Green Mistake

November 21, 2001

Andrea Maywhort of Truis Corporation discusses the different, but equally important, aspects of customer intelligence and customer data, and …

CRM in One Step

November 16, 2001

Increasing emphasis on CRM issues necessitates that all e-commerce sites have effective methods for customer satisfaction. Toll-free numbers …

Peppers and Rogers Bring Class to the Web

November 15, 2001

The consulting firm introduces 1to1® Catalyst — a Web-based CRM training program that features eight 30-minute modules.

Four Guiding Principles

November 14, 2001

"Getting Started with CRM" from Unisys Corp. outlines the four key principles that manifest themselves in many CRM projects and initiatives.

Taking the Pledge for CRM Success, Part II

November 14, 2001

Arthur O'Connor continues with his open letter to executives who are struggling with CRM implementation. This article discusses the second …

Siebel Develops Homeland Security Package

November 13, 2001

Building on its powerful customer relationship management software, the San Mateo-based company has introduced a product designed to help …

SAP Sizzles, Siebel Fizzles

November 13, 2001

The current respective fortunes of Siebel and SAP speak volumes about what succeeds, and fails, in enterprise software. In both cases, it's …

Giving Up on E-CRM?

November 12, 2001

E-CRM isn't dead. It just isn't being exploited to anywhere near its full potential.

Look Before You Jump

November 9, 2001

In the competitive environment of today's business world, companies have to do something different to service their customer database.