CRM: February 2014

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Startup Spotlight: Mobile Marketer Kahuna

February 26, 2014

Armed with $11 million in new funding from Sequoia Capital, Mountain View, Calif.-based startup Kahuna introduced two new mobile marketing …

AdStage Raises $1M, Rolls out Advertising Platform Apps and API

February 24, 2014

Startup AdStage raises $1 million in additional funding and announces an App Partnership Program that will bring new apps to its …

8 Common CRM Mistakes, and How to Avoid Them

February 20, 2014

Enterprises spend big bucks on CRM software, so they want to derive maximum value from it. Why do they keep making the same mistakes when …

CRM Adoption to Reach $24 Billion in 2014: Gartner

February 13, 2014

Customer relationship management (CRM) software revenue is forecast to reach $23.9 billion in 2014, with cloud revenue accounting for 49 …

Geographic Information Systems: Mapping out Enterprise Impact

February 10, 2014

Companies like General Motors are incorporating GIS systems into enterprise applications like CRM and business intelligence to improve …

Sailthru Launches Advanced Analytics Platform

February 3, 2014

Pre-loaded analytics dashboards and data visualization tools help marketers derive insights from customer interactions and behavior trends, …