Commence Updates CRM Software

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Posted March 19, 2010 By eCRMGuide.com Staff     Feedback

The company has announced the planned release of Commence RM 4.0.

Commence Corporation has announced the planned release of Commence RM 4.0, which will ship by the middle of the second quarter.

"Today's customers are seeking enhanced functionality coupled with ease of use," says company CTO Todd Pape. "RM 4.0 will incorporate several exciting new features that have been designed to be easy to access and easy to use."

"The new version incorporates the ability to show a dashboard and provides the user with immediate access to information such as e-mail, calendars, tasks and more without having to directly access a specific module," according to CRM Daily. "This makes access to specific information very quick and efficient."

"RM 4.0 also provides an updated user interface based on the Microsoft Office Ribbon functionality," the article states. "Because Commence is commonly used and integrated with Microsoft desktop applications such as Outlook for e-mail and calendaring, Microsoft Word for mail merge, and Microsoft Excel for graphing, emulating the look and feel of these applications will make the utilization even more seamless for the user."

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