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Mindjet Helps Visualize Salesforce CRM Data

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Posted March 24, 2010 By Staff     Feedback

The new offering automatically creates graphical maps and organizational charts of accounts.

Mindjet has announced the availability of Mindjet Deal Navigator, a SaaS application that automatically generates organizational charts from Salesforce CRM data.

"Salespeople want simple tools to help them win more and win faster," says company CEO Scott Raskin. "Mindjet Deal Navigator provides exactly that by leveraging Mindjet's information visualization technology to instantly create graphical maps and organization charts of accounts, helping the sales team to visualize opportunities and focus on the right strategy to close business faster."

"Built on top of the cloud computing platform, Mindjet Deal Navigator provides a new visual interface that makes it easier to annotate information in the application," writes CTO Edge's Mike Vizard. "This ability means that for the first time users can add context around information stored in applications."

"According to Neil Mendelson, Mindjet vice president of products, Mindjet Deal Navigator makes it easy to see 'who’s who in the zoo' when looking at data in," Vizard writes. "That information can be critical because it allows managers to visually identify key relationships in an account while providing a repository that includes both context and transaction records about customer accounts."

Click on the following to read the CTO Edge article: Mindjet Visualizes Salesforce Data

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