The CRM WatchList 2011

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Paul Greenberg announces his list of candidates for the CRM 2011 Watchlist Preseason.

Paul Greenberg has offered up the initial CRM 2011 Watchlist Preseason list in this ZDNet blog. The goal is to see who will make the team after final nominations are in.

"There are three categories this year. First - and always the most popular - the technology vendor firms who are such an integral part of the CRM and SCRM market - from giving us all heartburn to at times wowing us with their innovative approach to things. But always selling - as they should. They are a business, no matter how offensive that people find vendors selling to be. Second - a handful of systems integrators and consulting firms - each of whom participates in the life of the CRM world in some way. Third - and brand new - a look, though slightly less judgmental - at the analyst institutions (note I didn’t say just companies) and a market research firm or two worth following. Not independent analysts. The organizations/institutions. You’ll see what I mean."

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