Personalization Summit Coming To New York

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Posted February 12, 2001 By eCRMGuide.com Staff     Feedback

Personalization, CRM, and Infrastructure experts converge to evaluate the best solutions for companies competing in today's economy.

NEW YORK--New York City will be host to the third annual Personalization Summit, to be held April 1-3 at the New York Hilton.

The Personalization Summits says attendees will include major retailers, leading financial service and insurance providers, and the travel and services industries. In addition, they say a broad array of suppliers will be showcasing breakthrough products to the personalization space as well as proven solutions for Personalization, CRM and retail.

"The Personalization Summits continue to be a top draw year after year for a couple of reasons. Certainly the economy has forced many companies to seek additional ways to build lasting relationships with their customers. Personalization and CRM are a proven way to ensure those relationships," said Steve Larsen, president of the Personalization Summits. "In addition the use of these applications continues to broaden- a few years ago, personalization began with online retailers. Today, multichannel retailers, insurance and financial institutions, the travel industry, even the health care industry is looking at ways to apply these technologies to their businesses."

Personalization Summits says featured speakers will include:

Personalization Summits says detailed information on the New York Summit, and the ability to register online for the conference can be found at www.personalization.com. The company says that prospective attendees who visit the site to get more information on the conference can receive a free copy of the Peppers and Rogers white paper, E-mail Marketing Maximized, the definitive guide on e-mail marketing.

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