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Cross-Channel CRM Continuity

By Robyn Greenspan     Feedback

Some common mistakes that businesses make when their customer service isn't integrated across all channels and how to avoid them.

Cross-Channel CRM ContinuityTo be really effective with your customer relationship management (CRM) efforts, it's important that all the support channels work cohesively. Here are some common mistakes that businesses make when their customer service isn't integrated across all channels:
  • E-mail to a customer that touts the benefits of a new Web-based feature that they have already signed up for and used.
  • A new business phone solicitation to a repeat customer.
  • A promotional coupon for first-time customers that is sent to an existing online shopper of your site.
  • A customer that calls with a recurring problem that is forced to repeat their story a number of times to different reps.

These instances, and others like them, are enough for customers to start thinking that your company doesn't have its act together. Be mindful that every encounter with a customer builds on the overall impression of your company and these types of mistakes can make you seem somewhat disorganized.

Depending on the size of your organization, it could be difficult to know what each department is doing to cultivate customers, retain business and support the existing customer base, but with some careful structure and automation it is possible. Whether you create some type of in-house program or use a turnkey CRM application there should be a record of every customer and every contact. And all departments should be able to access the information -- the e-mail marketers will be able to document every correspondence and the call center will have notations on the essence of every conversation.

Reprinted from the ECommerce Guide

This article was originally published on April 27, 2001
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