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CRM on Sale

By Robyn Greenspan     Feedback

Digital marketing provider ResponseLogic, Inc. will offer version 2.0 of its ADAPTe solution to mid-sized businesses for $25,000 until June 30, 2001.

Digital marketing provider ResponseLogic, Inc. will offer version 2.0 of its ADAPTe solution to mid-sized businesses for $25,000. ADAPTe, a campaign management solution, is regularly priced from $5,000 to $10,000 per month, depending on the platform and the amount of consultation and implementation work involved. The introductory cost is available to early adopters until June 30, 2001 and includes basic deployment only. Additional fees could be incurred based on each individual case.

"We recognize that today's mid-sized businesses are faced with a challenging situation. They need to find ways to attract and retain customers, increase average order size and gain a larger 'share of wallet,' but not break the bank attempting to do so," said Kamal Bherwani, chairman and CEO of ResponseLogic. "By offering ADAPTe 2.0 at this introductory price of only $25,000, we are providing the mid-sized market with a unique opportunity to maximize their ROI (return on investment) with very low risk."

The reduced rate allows mid-sized businesses to benefit from ADAPTe 2.0's four-step, closed-loop cycle and empowers marketers with an easily implemented CRM solution. Using rules-based marketing software, customers can be targeted at every touch point and presented with the most relevant content and appropriate offer. ADAPTe also reports the results in real time to support continuous improvement of each customer interaction.

ADAPTe processes information by answering four key questions that arise in each online customer interaction cycle:

  • Who is the customer? Step One: ADAPTe Virtual Profile
    ADAPTe creates a comprehensive visitor profile using any combination of three data sources: client database, ResponseLogic's data partners -- Naviant and Cogit -- and the visitor's real time on-site behavior.

  • What should we show them? Step Two: ADAPTe Rules Engine
    ADAPTe deploys the business rules that you create to determine exactly how, when and to whom personalized content is displayed. This occurs in real time and creates cross-sell and up-sell opportunities.

  • How should we show it? Step Three: ADAPTe Content Delivery
    ADAPTe customizes digital content to match each visitor's profile.

  • How were we successful? Step Four: ADAPTe Reports
    ADAPTe's reporting lets you compile and analyze the results and build insight on consumer segmentation, browser versus buyer behavior, sales trends and more.

Founded in 1999, ResponseLogic provides mid-sized businesses with marketing software and CRM solutions that enable them to deliver real time, targeted promotions with maximum effectiveness at an affordable price.

This article was originally published on June 6, 2001
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