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CRM Review: VegaPort Free CRM and Email Marketing Software: Page 2

By Vangie Beal     Feedback
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Creating Email Marketing Campaigns in VegaPort

VegaPort lets you create email or non-email marketing campaigns. When you create a campaign, you can set the budget, see who created it, select targets and then view reports.

When you choose to create an email campaign, it is sent through the Pravega email system. This enables a small business to work directly in the free CRM software for email marketing campaigns. One thing you’ll find is that the email campaigns offer a lot of features and are similar to other email software targeted to small businesses — with the caveat that this one is free, of course.

The CRM software provides options for you to create email templates using a fully-featured WYSIWYG editor, and you can customize the templates to be personalized based on your CRM data for the recipient. So you could choose a person's name, a job title, or other data from your CRM to be displayed in the email. When designing your email, the CRM software offers test options to let you see how the email will look in a recipient's Outlook client or Gmail.

What we liked about the email campaigns is that the reporting data is as good as any you'll find in email marketing software aimed at small businesses. When viewing reports, you can choose basic campaign summaries or look at more specific events, including numbers sent, numbers forwarded, email bounces, opt-outs, opt-ins, or even which links in the email were clicked on.

Lastly, a couple features a small business will appreciate are options to create campaigns for automated email responders that can be automated to be sent through the system for different occasions, like a welcome opt-in message or a birthday greeting, for example. You can also create lead forms that you copy and paste code for directly into pages on your website. Any information a customer provides in that lead form — after a successful opt-in or double opt-in by the customer — will be automatically inserted into the Lead Accounts in the VegaPort CRM system.


Who Can Gain from Pravega's Free CRM Software?

VegaPort is lightweight and doesn't require users to have an in-depth knowledge of CRM to use the software. It is easy to navigate, and your accounts, contacts, leads and other tasks are automatically linked in the system. Being able to use the CRM data for email campaigns or generating lead forms and having that customer lead data sent directly to the CRM system are features that a small business will appreciate.

The other appealing feature of VegaPort for small businesses is that this free CRM software is going to give you quick access to data that a small business needs and not overload you with data and reports that you really don't need or understand.

The obvious benefit to the VegaPort CRM software is that it is completely free. What you get with the free software is 20MB of storage space for your small business of up to 10 people. You can upgrade to 100MB of storage for $15 per month. Full access to the system and all features — with the exception of advanced email testing — is also free.

Pravega also allows you to export your CRM data at any time, so you don't have to worry about lock-in or losing account and customer data should you decide later on that this free CRM software deal is not for you and your small business.

Vangie Beal is a veteran online seller and frequent contributor to ECommerce-Guide.com. She is also managing editor of Webopedia.com. You can tweet with her online @AuroraGG.


This article was originally published on October 14, 2010
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