Data Management: April 2002

Data Management and Data Warehousing software and solutions. - Archive for April 2002

Citizens Banks on EMC

April 22, 2002

With new security threats emerging daily, the Providence, R.I., financial services giant expands its relationship with the Hopkinton, Mass., …

Hollings Wants Consumers to Opt-In to Online Privacy

April 19, 2002

Proposed bill would require online advertisers and businesses to get user permission before sharing sensitive information with third parties.

Designing a "My" Area

April 15, 2002

So many sites have 'my' areas, whether they are as robust as a 'My Yahoo!' or as simple as a 'my account.' Regardless of its features, each …

Feds' New CTO Looks to Enterprise for Guidance

April 12, 2002

Former EarthWeb CTO has 24 months to bring the government up to speed with Internet-tested e-security and e-commerce, but says people must …

The War for Customer Data Ends in a Draw

April 10, 2002

A long-dreamt-of customer data management tool appears to be gaining traction.

IBM Flies Through United Upgrade

April 1, 2002

As only one of a very few companies offering services for terrabyte-sized databases, Big Blue's global services division is proving it's up …