Data Management: July 2010

Data Management and Data Warehousing software and solutions. - Archive for July 2010

The Role of Private Clouds in the Enterprise

July 30, 2010

Public clouds have scalability -- but private clouds also have a place in the enterprise.

Researcher Warns SAP Prone to Back Door Exploits

July 29, 2010

Black Hat researcher details how SAP systems remain vulnerable to back door attacks despite the growing number of security fixes the company …

FTC Wants Do-Not-Track List for Online Ads

July 28, 2010

The FTC wants a browser-based tool that could block behavioral tracking across the Web.

Mobile Databases: Powerful Data Management at Your Fingertips

July 23, 2010

In an increasingly mobile world, mobile databases can give you a powerful advantage.

Revolution Launches Inside-R Open Source Statistics Community

July 22, 2010

Revolution Analytics has formally launched the Inside-R.org community site.

Catalina Marketing Gains Traction With SAS and Netezza

July 13, 2010

With SAS Scoring Accelerator for Netezza the company is able to use more complex, varied models to obtain analytical results faster.

EMC Moves into Business Analytics with Greenplum Acquisition

July 9, 2010

After years of storing data, EMC now wants a hand in what companies do with it.

Implementing an MDM system for Business Intelligence

July 8, 2010

Master data management (MDM) for business intelligence (BI) may be more than just a vendor push.

Using Semantics to Streamline Information Management

July 6, 2010

Enterprise content management can incorporate semantic technology into the traditional business intelligence practices.

Data Warehousing as a Service Options

July 2, 2010

The biggest problem faced by most midmarket companies is getting the data together in the first place.