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IBM Netezza Offers New Approach to Telco Data Warehousing

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Dealing with large scale data analytics.

Telcos struggle to extract and model prodigious amounts of customer and network data. According to this Connected Planet report, the industry requires a new approach to help them and data warehousing vendor IBM Netezza is currently pushing a new approach to large scale data analytics.

"Data warehousing vendor IBM Netezza pushing a new approach to large scale data analytics that hit says could be particularly useful for large-scale data crunching that telecom service providers require, including applications such as social media analysis, customer churn modeling and network planning optimization.

"Telcos are some of the most sophisticated of all analyzers of data. They mine customer data to understand purchase decisions, build loyalty programs and address churn. On the network planning side, for example, sophisticated data analysis helps reroute workloads in real-time in response to capacity crunches."

Read the Full Story at Connected Planet

This article was originally published on March 22, 2011
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