ERP: June 2003

Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software and solutions. - Archive for June 2003

Surebridge Expands On-Demand Services For Mid-Market

June 23, 2003

The application outsourcer refined its ERP, CRM and eBusiness Outsourcing offerings to include three models of service, from fully hosted to …

HP, NetLedger in New Pay-as-you-go Alliance

June 19, 2003

Computer systems vendor extends its selling channels for the SMB with a mix of integrated hardware and soup-to-nuts management apps.

CeBIT: PeopleSoft CEO Avoids the 'O' Word

June 19, 2003

PeopleSoft CEO Craig Conway discusses his company vision for the future of enterprise applications with nary a word about the hostile …

PeopleSoft Pushes to Close J.D. Edwards Deal

June 19, 2003

In an escalating three-way takeover battle among the software companies, PeopleSoft ignores Oracle's higher offer to acquire it and starts …

NetLedger Offers Commissions

June 18, 2003

The Web-based ASP adds Sales Compensation Manager to its NetSuite and NetCRM applications.

SAP Rolls Out Updates at Sapphire

June 17, 2003

Attempting to shift recent focus away from its competitors and onto its products, SAP uses its conference to introduce new features geared …

PeopleSoft, J.D. Edwards Try to Speed Merger

June 16, 2003

UPDATE:Looking to head off Oracle's hostile bid for PeopleSoft, J.D. Edwards and PeopleSoft tweak their agreement to speed up the …

JD Edwards Sues; PeopleSoft Spurns Oracle

June 12, 2003

UPDATE: J.D. Edwards sues Oracle & Larry Ellison seeking billions in damages but Oracle wants shareholders, not courts, to decide; …

PeopleSoft Cans Court Action Vs. Oracle

June 11, 2003

In a continuation of turmoil in the business applications market, Oracle says PeopleSoft withdrew its plan to pursue a temporary …

Oracle Offers to Buy PeopleSoft for $5.1 Billion

June 6, 2003

UPDATE: Days after PeopleSoft moved to purchase rival enterprise application company J.D. Edwards, the database giant makes its own …

PeopleSoft/J.D. Edwards Facing Challenges

June 3, 2003

ANALYSIS: Analysts say PeopleSoft's $1.7 billion purchase of J.D. Edwards in order gain a toehold in asset and manufacturing applications …

Merger Creates Business Software Giant

June 2, 2003

PeopleSoft moves to purchase rival J.D. Edwards to become the second-largest business software provider to SAP.