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Rackwise Announces Data Center Business 3.5

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New features of the software include business service management and charge-back reporting.

Rackwise has announced Data Center Manager (DCM) Version 3.5. The new version, according to the company in this Earth Times news release, are designed to provide the executive with insight into the business impact the data center has on the organization. Rackwise also said that Data Center Business (DCB) maps the underlying cost infrastructure to business services and the departments or business units that consume them.

"Version 3.5 RACKWISE DCM Data Center Business (DCB) provides organizations the ability to enable:

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"BUSINESS SERVICE MANAGEMENT: Analyze operational costs of business services by geographical location, customer, application, or any custom property. In addition, lower risk by ensuring redundancy to power, and avoiding cascade failures.

"CHARGE BACK REPORTING: Charge back departments and customers by space, power, CPU utilization, or any user-defined metric; ensuring absolute accuracy, and enabling real time costing. User customizable reporting templates allow extensibility.

"COST SAVINGS ANALYSIS: Perform detailed operational and financial “what if” impact analysis of the proposed changes to the data center. Return on Investment (ROI) is calculated from operational savings in cooling, power, and space against any capital expenditures required."

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This article was originally published on April 28, 2010
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