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Hedgehog Launches On-Demand E-Procurement System

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Posted May 7, 2010 By -     Feedback

The company's new solution includes tools and support services to help reduce and control the resources spent at corporations.

Hedgehog has announced the launch of its new on-demand e-procurement system for business automation and management. According to the company's news release on PressZoom, this comprehensive e-procurement solution includes all the tools and support services necessary for reducing and controlling the resources spent at corporations across the world.

" proffers you the tools and support services essential for controlling and reducing spend. also utilizes strategic sourcing to organize procurement operating costs. In these turbulent times, strategic sourcing makes a great deal of sense as it assists in keeping various costs under control. This fact can be proved by taking a simple example; when a corporation spotlights on strategic sourcing, the firm along with its work force thrives toughly to put together the finest feasible procurement verdicts for the price paid. proffers a wide variety of proven e-Procurement Software & Support Services like Online e-auctions, Vendor performance analysis tools, Contract & tender management modules, Spend analysis software, Global sourcing services and Custom vertical industry exchanges."

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