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Marketing: October 2010

Marketing, Social Media Marketing, and Marketing Automation software and solutions. - Archive for October 2010

The 10 Most Important CRM Reports

CRM expert David Taber reveals which CRM reports provide the most value to businesses and why.

Online Advertising Must Change, Says Former Yahoo Exec

The internet makes it easier to target consumers, but the ads served to online users need to become more engaging, according to a pair of …

Marketing Automation Software a Hot CRM Industry Segment

Almost all of the new entrants in marketing automation offer systems that are built on a software as a service (SaaS) architecture.

CRM Review: VegaPort Free CRM and Email Marketing Software

VegaPort is free CRM software that gives a small business access to customer data, email marketing and a detailed overview of what's going …

Sears Boosts Its Campaign Process with Unica CRM

The system took two years to integrate but the company now executes 270 campaigns each month.

Using Email to Build Customer Relationships

Email marketing -- when done right -- can drive revenues and engage customers.

Data Mining: Finding a PR Goldmine in Statistics

OkCupid turns 'which smartphone users have the most sex?' into a successful PR campaign.

Little Things Reward Customer Relationships

Customer incentives should not be considered an unnecessary expense.

CRM Buyer's Guide: Which Enterprise CRM Tool Is Right for You?

From Oracle and Salesforce.com to Sword Ciboodle, we've got the customer relationship management (CRM) market covered.

Eloqua Discover for Salesforce.com Now Available

Eloqua for Salesforce.com lets sales teams identify which prospects are most likely to make purchases.