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Social Media Marketing: Plan a Consumer Privacy Strategy

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As companies look to engage customers on social media platforms it becomes increasingly important to consider consumer privacy and adopt a strategy to protect your customers.

Companies can leverage social media in their marketing to help build customer loyalty and boost leads and conversions, but 1to1 Media recommends that you first get a privacy game plan to meet customer and regulator expectations. This report offers best practice advice on the components of a privacy game plan for your company's social media strategy.

"Most privacy incidents boil down to whether data practices diverge from regulatory requirements or stated privacy policies. To this end, adopting a social media strategy may introduce new data practices not already disclosed in your organization's privacy policy. To determine if your social media strategy is on solid privacy ground, create a data map detailing the demographics and geographical locations of your target social media users, what data fields you would collect, ideally, from and about them, which social media channels you would use to collect that data, how you would use that data, how you would secure it, and how long you would retain it. A good data map will not only identify the core privacy questions, it should also help the marketing department see in a granular way how to make the most effective use of the available data."

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This article was originally published on June 1, 2010
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