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Using Email to Build Customer Relationships

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Email marketing -- when done right -- can drive revenues and engage customers.

Marketers know the value in email marketing to boost revenues, but according to this report on Media Post, email marketing can also be used to drive customer retention and loyalty. In its email marketing article, Media Post offers examples from some successful marketers who have discovered email's power as a retention and loyalty channel.

"Email is the most valuable, flexible and successful of all marketing channels. But its success goes well beyond its ability to drive conversions and revenue for companies. Finding that sweet spot remains a challenge for many email marketers, but some have been able to bring out what I called in my previous column email's 'inner Lady Gaga:' an enhanced role that goes beyond the conventional image of being inexpensive and 'your father's communication channel.'

"These marketers have discovered email's power as a retention and loyalty channel. Instead of just filling their subscribers' inboxes with one free shipping/10 percent off' offer after another, they're adding a slew of emails that surprise, add value or simply engage the recipient.'"

Read the Full Emil Marketing Story at Media Post

This article was originally published on October 11, 2010
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