Research: February 2012

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Big Data Not the Answer to Business Agility

February 28, 2012

IT organizations must challenge vendors on their claims that their Big Data and business intelligence solutions "automagically" create …

Big Data Buyer's Guide, Part Two: IBM, SAS, Pentaho and More

February 27, 2012

Oracle and SAP have commanded much of the buzz around Big Data with their respective Exalytics and HANA products. But plenty of other …

Companies Still Challenged by ERP Implementations

February 22, 2012

The bad news: According to a Panorama Consulting study based on ERP implementations completed in 2011, 54 percent of companies said their …

Eight Business-changing Ways to Use Big Data

February 21, 2012

Enterprises are finding business-changing ways to put the power of Hadoop, an open source Apache project for storing and processing large …

Getting Started with Workforce Analytics

February 17, 2012

Carl C. Hoffmann, one of three authors of “Calculating Success: How the New Workplace Analytics Will Revitalize Your …

SAP, Oracle Face Off in Human Capital Management Showdown

February 15, 2012

Both SAP and Oracle recently acquired providers of software-as-a-service human capital management solutions, setting the stage for a big …

Review: QlikView 11 Connects Comparative Analysis With Social Business Intelligence

February 14, 2012

User-driven business intelligence goes social in QlikView 11.

Fine Tuning Your Workforce with Analytics

February 13, 2012

As part of the red-hot human capital management market, workforce analytics is gaining attention from executives looking to derive …

In-Memory Analytics Buyer's Guide: Oracle Big Data/Exalytics Appliances vs. SAP HANA

February 8, 2012

Big Data has become a super-heated area of the business intelligence landscape, with companies hoping to extract actionable insights from …

Five Mobile Business Intelligence Blunders You Won't Want to Make

February 7, 2012

Organizations need to be aware of some common pitfalls that can really wreck a mobile business intelligence initiative.

Social Adds New Twist to Customer Service, Support

February 6, 2012

Consumers increasingly expect companies to provide a consistent user experience across emerging channels like social as well as traditional …