Research: April 2012

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Gartner: CRM Emerges as a Big CIO Priority

April 30, 2012

Need more proof that the CRM software market is sizzling? Gartner says that CRM skyrocketed 10 slots in its list of CIO technology …

Whither Embedded Analytics?

April 27, 2012

Wayne Kernochan of Infostructure Associates encourages IT buyers to look at embedded analytics, saying as the technology matures it will …

Where Big Money Is Investing in Big Data

April 25, 2012

Co-founder of IPO star Splunk, now a venture capitalist, provides insight into the future of Big Data and collaborative applications.

Are Small Businesses Ready for Big Data?

April 24, 2012

Yes, say vendors such as Actian, Birst and SAP that are targeting small companies with Big Data solutions.

Cloud Plans Getting More Cohesive

April 19, 2012

A new study from Saugatuck Technology suggests organizations are taking a more cohesive approach to purchasing and deploying cloud-based …

Gartner Taps Predictive Analytics as Next Big Business Intelligence Trend

April 17, 2012

Because analytics is the "combustion engine of business," organizations invest in business intelligence even when times are tough. Gartner …

Retooling App Stores for the Enterprise

April 11, 2012

Mobile application stores like Apple's App Store and The Google Play Store (formerly the Android Market) are wildly popular with consumers, …

Business Intelligence Ain't Over Until Exploratory Data Analysis Sings

April 9, 2012

Business intelligence analyst Wayne Kernochan, of Infostructure Associates, says it's a shame exploratory data analysis (EDA) doesn’t …

Business Intelligence Is Booming, Gartner Finds

April 6, 2012

From automation to data warehouse consolidation, Gartner's BI Summit was all about making better decisions. While companies are spending big …

Buyer's Guide: Is Cloud ERP Right for You?

April 5, 2012

While big software companies like SAP are introducing cloud computing into their previously on-premise ERP product lines, they are playing …

Eight Useful Contact Center Apps

April 4, 2012

No matter how you interact with customers -- via the telephone or online -- these eight contact center tools can help ensure customer …

Survey Shows Lack of Enthusiasm for Social Tools at Work

April 3, 2012

A recent Harris Interactive survey found many folks have a lukewarm attitude toward using social tools at work.