Research: August 2013

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Can Big Data Breach IT and Marketing Divide?

August 23, 2013

IT, marketing functions should partner on Big Data analytics initiatives, experts agree.

How to Evaluate ERP Software

August 21, 2013

The key to picking the right ERP software is identifying your business needs and finding the solution that best meets them. That's easier …

5 Mobile Apps for Sales Pros

August 20, 2013

Given that sales people spend so much time on the road, it isn't surprising that sales apps are catching on.

How to Choose a Hadoop Distribution

August 16, 2013

Choosing which of the three types of Hadoop distributions will work best for your organization largely comes down to where you are in your …

Mid-Size Business Intelligence Buying Guide

August 14, 2013

Looking for business intelligence software that doesn't feel too big or too small, but just right? You may find it from BI vendors that hit …

More Social CRM Companies to Watch

August 9, 2013

As interest in social CRM grows, so does the number of companies providing software that brings together CRM, sales and social functions.

IT's Role in Big Data Marketing

August 6, 2013

While Big Data analysis presents new opportunities for marketers, they will need help from their IT colleagues to turn data-derived insights …

Can Big Data Avoid The Correlation Trap?

August 5, 2013

Can Big Data help enterprises establish causation, and thus avoid the data correlation trap? Yes, says Wayne Kernochan of Infostructure …

Embedded Analytics Catching Fire

August 1, 2013

One of the hottest trends in business intelligence today is embedding analytics capabilities into transactional applications.