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Research: February 2015

Research, articles, and tips on CRM, Business Intelligence, ERP, supply chain management, and other enterprise applications. - Archive for February 2015

Developing IoT Apps Is Easier Than You Think

Want to develop IoT apps but put off by the complexity? It's actually quite easy, if you let IoT development platforms do all of the heavy …

Mobile App Backlog? 5 Ideas on Reducing It

Enterprises cannot keep up with demand for mobile apps, due to development skills shortages. These simple steps can help.

7 Ways Docker Containers Can Change Enterprise Apps

Docker is getting lots of buzz for its potential to improve application development and deployment – and deservedly so.

6 Tech Trends Shaping Financial Services

Big Data, biometrics and mobile payments are among trends impacting the financial services industry in 2015.

Startup Spotlight: Xplenty's Data Integration Service

Though Israeli startup Xplenty started out selling Hadoop-as-a-service, it won more customer interest by focusing on what its solution did …

7 Hot IT Skills: DevOps, Infosec and More

DevOps and information security are among the hottest IT skills for the first half of 2016, experts say.

App Integration Should Not Be an Afterthought

Though a QuinStreet Enterprise survey shows that integration with existing solutions is a key criteria for buying enterprise apps, too often …

9 Tech Trends Transforming Retail

The retail industry's reputation as a technology laggard is beginning to change, say experts.