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Research: September 2015

Research, articles, and tips on CRM, Business Intelligence, ERP, supply chain management, and other enterprise applications. - Archive for September 2015

5 Mobile Marketing Trends

Mobile marketing is undeniably hot. These five trends offer insight into mobile marketing strategies employed by leading-edge companies.

How to Get Funding for an Enterprise Mobile App

A mobile app offers so many benefits, you should have no problem getting it funded, right? Maybe, but you still need to build a strong …

ERP Buying Guide: Top Tier Vendors

A handful of vendors lead the ERP market. What do they offer their customers?

Video Roundtable: Executive Tech Priorities and Challenges

"Smart" technologies such as the IoT - and how to deal with the added complexity they create - will be among topics addressed by a panel of …

Seeking Truth about Hadoop

How many organizations use Hadoop, and more important, how many derive value from it? New survey offers different picture than one released …

CRM Market Leaders? It's Complicated

Most folks agree that Salesforce, Microsoft, Oracle and SAP dominate the enterprise CRM market. But the picture gets fuzzier in looking …

Getting Data Governance Right

To get data governance right, organizations must benchmark their current efforts and create a data governance "road map" for the future.

3 Social Media Monitoring Success Stories

Proliferating social media outlets make it tough for companies to craft cohesive marketing efforts. Fortunately, social media monitoring …

Vertical CRM Not Just for Little Guys

With new 'clouds' for health care and financial services, Salesforce joins SAP and Oracle in offering industry-specific CRM software.

Startup Spotlight: Pipedrive's CRM for SMBs

Two former door-to-door salesmen learn a $50,000 lesson and launch an award-winning CRM startup.

How to Solve 4 Enterprise Mobility Challenges

To ensure the success of their mobile initiatives, enterprises need to be aware of key challenges and how to solve them.

9 Tips for Awesome Data Analytics

Credit Karma is on the leading edge of data analytics. One of the company's senior software engineers shares some of the ways his team uses …