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Envive Measures Time It Takes To Buy Online

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Posted December 26, 2000 By David Needle     Feedback

Total time to complete a transaction beginning with a site's home page and ending with a credit-card verification varied from 1 to 5 minutes.

Sure, shopping online is quicker than getting in your car to travel to your favorite store, but how much quicker? Mountain View-based Envive Corp., a provider of e-Business performance management solutions, has put its technology to use to measure just how long it takes to complete a transaction at some of the most popular shopping sites. Envive measured only high speed connections not dial-up. Though most consumers don't have high speed connections at home, recent studies have shown a growing number of consumers do their online shopping at work over high speed lines.

Envive tested 27 popular shopping sites every hour. Of those, the winners for top performance on December 18 include,, and

"We essentially went through the process of buying one item at each site, such as Victoria Secret, deciding on color, size etc. or other choices at other sites such as Walmarts," explains Envive Product Manager Yf Juan. Envive times the entire process up to the credit card verification. One indication of the unpredictable nature of Web though was that on the December 18 test date, Juan notes that one "major office supplies" site was unable to process transactions the entire day.

Discounting the site unable to process transactions, Envive's measurements show the average page response times varied from 1 to 9 seconds. Total time to complete a transaction beginning with a site's home page and ending with a credit-card verification varied from 1 to 5 minutes. Seventy percent of the 27 sites were able to complete the transaction in 3 minutes or less. A customers experience from home utilizing a DSL connection was 2 to 5 seconds longer than would have been reported by automated measurement locations connected to the Internet via T-1 or T-3 communication lines.

"Web site developers have been lead to believe that their site is meeting customer's performance expectations when in fact the customer has been experiencing an additional 2 to 5 seconds of delay time over what has been reported by previous monitoring technologies," says Jeff Tonkel, CEO of Envive. "Additionally, developers need to know how long it takes a customer to conduct a transaction, not just a URL request, and Envive is the first to offer complete transaction monitoring and accurate measurements via distributed computing."

Utilizing its "Sensory," Envive's service level monitoring hosted service, the company measures how long it takes to conduct complete online transactions beginning with a sites home page, browsing, "think time," searching, and adding to shopping cart for check out. The sensors monitor the average page response time and entire transaction response time every hour, around the clock.

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