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Three-for-All: Affordable Selling Services for Digital Goods: Page 2

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Posted April 1, 2008 By Vangie Beal     Feedback
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ByteCommerce offers a fast and secure option for those sellers who have their own space to host their files, but are in need of a service for handling electronic payments and secure digital product delivery. Once you have your files online you can then use this service to redirect your customers from your own Web space to ByteCommerce for checkout. ByteCommerce handles the electronic payment thought PayPal and the customer can then download the purchased electronic goods or get the registration code for the product from a secure ByteCommerce page.

ByteCommerce: Affordable marketplace for e-goods.
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Once you have registered on the ByteCommerce Web site, you are able to access an author dashboard that lets you add products to the ByteCommerce catalogue. To add a product you must provide a product title, price and the URL to the product page. You can also specify a serial code to be provided when the customer pays and also specify special discount coupon codes. Once you have your product added to the catalogue you can then generate the HTML code that renders the button that customers will click to purchase your products. This code can also be sent to a customer who has purchased your item from an online auction or Web store.

ByteCommerce doesn't physically host your files, except when it has been purchased by a customer. This means you will need to provide the URL of where the file is hosted on your own Web site, which should be in a secure folder with a to prevent unauthorized file downloads. When an order is received for the digital item, the file is dynamically downloaded by ByteCommerce from the URL you specified. It is then stored on their server for the customer to download. The file is kept on the ByteCommerce server for a certain amount of days, and if there are no more sales, the file is deleted until the product is ordered by another customer. If you do not have your own Web site you can also store the files with one of many free Web hosting services.

Since there isn't a physical hosting of files, using ByteCommerce is cheaper than many of the digital goods e-commerce services. ByteCommerce forgoes set-up and commission plans in favor of a single straightforward commission plan. Payments for sold digital items go directly to your own PayPal account. For every 20 copies of a file sold, the 20th order is directed to ByteCommerce as payment for their services. ByteCommerce does not set any time length restrictions on sales and its commission.

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