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Letting Shoppers Have Their Say: Adding Customer Reviews: Page 2

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Posted May 27, 2008 By Vangie Beal     Feedback
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ReviewPost PHP Pro User Reviews
Another option for adding user reviews to your Web site is ReviewPost PHP Pro by All Enthusiast, Inc. This script was created by the same group that runs for use on its own high-traffic, community-oriented sites. For this reason, you'll find that ReviewPost PHP Pro offers some unique features, such as support for many popular user forums. This means that users wanting to post reviews on your product pages who are already members of your community forums can use the same login information.

ReviewPost PHP
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ReviewPost PHP Pro gives you several design options for colors, fonts and customized headers and footers. The program also lets reviewers upload product images, search reviews by keyword, rate products on a scale of one to five and also enter in pros and cons of the product in their review.  For administrators, ReviewPost PHP Pro offers a robust selection of management options including an easy Web-based setup, options to approve, reject or edit reviews before they go live on the site and the ability to create and rename categories, track user views and more.

ReviewPost PHP Pro requires MySQL 3.22 and PHP 4.0.2 or higher for basic operation and ImageMagick or the GD Graphics Library if you want to enable product images. The cost of an owned license is $99. Examples of how this script is being used can be viewed on the WakeBoarder and TechIMO Web sites.

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