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TeaLeaf Launches TeaCommerce 2.0: Page 2

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Posted February 27, 2001 By Staff     Feedback
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ital to dispute resolution.

  • More reports for IT professionals. New reports aimed at IT professionals provide a daily pulse on site performance, and offer the ability to scale data views from an aggregate level down to individual customer sessions.
  • "Using standard log files to understand what customers are doing on a site is like monitoring call center performance by tracking call volume but ignoring the content of customer conversations," said George Szabo, vice president responsible for strategic Web alliances and Web business development at Answer Financial, Inc., a technology-powered insurance agency. "Without the ability to record the entire online user experience and then analyze it from multiple angles, e-businesses are at a serious and potentially costly disadvantage. Part of a new generation of technologies that we fully expect will help us create and operate better Web sites, TeaCommerce 2.0 is a strategic addition to our e-commerce arsenal."

    For more information about TeaCommerce 2.0, TeaLeaf says to visit their web site at

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