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Jack Aaronson

Making an E-Commerce Checklist

It's that time of year again. A four-point list to get your e-commerce site in shape for the holidays.

CRM Without a Direct Sales Channel

Every industry can benefit from CRM. B2B companies face especially interesting challenges.

Mass Customization With a Personalized Experience

Automation is great -- up to a point. Case study of an online merchant that strikes the right balance between personalization and personalized.

Mass Product Customization, Continued

Custom or customer? Product or process? The discussion continues in a follow-up to 'Personalization, Meet Mass Customization.'

Personalization, Meet Mass Customization

Custom or customer? Product or process? Marketers must understand the distinctions -- no matter how well those made-to-order jeans fit!

ASAP's Fables

How long is 'as soon as possible'? Defining, and meeting, customer deadlines.

Make Policies Positive

Be a spin doctor. Make the negative more positive, and build customer loyalty.

Making CRM Accessible

Is your e-commerce site easily accessible to all your customers? Jack Aaronson discusses how to make customer interactions easy to understand for people with visual or aural impairments.

E-Mail: A Dialogue, Not Just Direct Marketing

Use e-mail for direct marketing only? Stop wasting that vast potential!

Multi-Channel Marketing: Channibalism?

Fear one channel will steal business from another? You may be a channibalism victim.

It's My Birthday. Buy Me a Present.

Online gift services come in different guises. Which is best for your site?

How to Ruin a Multichannel Campaign in Five Easy Steps

Follow along as Jack Aaronson goes through the steps making a well-intentioned multichannel marketing campaign fail.

Create a New Channel: Does Wireless Deserve Another 15 Minutes?

Steps to determine if wireless (or any other new channel) belongs in your multichannel strategy.

When Viral Marketing and Householding Intersect

Viral marketing and householding frequently intersect. Here's one company doing it right, another that's missing the boat.

Customer Service: Admit You Have a Problem

How companies resolve (or don't resolve) customer complaints can be a strong indicator of why there are complaints in the first place.

Education as a CRM Tool

Shorten sales cycles and create additional revenue streams. What you learn about your customers is often as valuable as what they'll learn from you.

Personalization Myopia: Lessons From a Cruise Ship

The best personalization provides site visitors with a little elbow room.

Your Website as a Narrative, Part 4: Conclusion

Your Web site visitors may be consumers, engineers, or managers, but, above all, they're human.

Your Website as a Narrative Device, Part 3: Micronarratives

How to use reviews, testimonials, products guides and opinions to appeal to 'Everyman' and 'Experts-Only' buyers.

Your Web Site As a Narrative Device, Part 2: Call to Action

Don't just stand there, DO something! Your site should be filled with relevant calls to action -- and the expectation not everyone's going to answer that call.

Needs-Based Browsing

Customers need needs-based browsing. Your site does, too.

You Say Tomato, I Say T-Shirt

Your customers aren't going to learn your company's language. It's up to you to learn theirs -- and to make your search function usercentric.

Does 'Minority Report' Portray a Scary Future?

Movie critics chatter about the film's depiction of personalization gone too far. Jack's worried, too, but not about that aspect.

I Don't Know You: CRM for the Anonymous Browser

Even your best friend was once a stranger. The bulk of your site's visitors aren't registered users, but anonymous browsers. How to make them want to get to know you.

A Unified Virgin

Every customer touch point needs to reinforce your brand and your voice. It takes just one employee who doesn't understand this to dissolve your brand.

Personalization With No Budget, Part 2

If your 'personalization' projects didn't make the 2002 budget, that doesn't mean you can't incorporate personalization into the projects that DID make cut this year.

Welcome Back, Mr. Lesbian!: Pitfalls of Perceived Personalization

Jack learned -- the hard way -- customers may think you're personalizing content when you're not.

Designing a "My" Area

So many sites have 'my' areas, whether they are as robust as a 'My Yahoo!' or as simple as a 'my account.' Regardless of its features, each of these areas has a similar purpose: to allow users to manage their personal information.

Personalization With No Budget, Part 1

Didn't get that budget you requested? Don't despair. There are ways you can achieve your goals without spending a lot of dough.

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