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James Maguire

How to Use Web Analytics, Part 1

A guide to deciphering the data from your analytics program — and advice on what actions to take based on the numbers.

Selling to the Teen Shopper

The teen audience is a potentially lucrative one — but the younger tribe has its own rules for buying online.

Merchant Secrets for Sales Conversion - Part 2

New research reveals current strategies for boosting online sales, including the top ten conversion techniques, loyalty programs, post-sales tactics and more.

Merchant Secrets for Driving Online Sales Conversion - Part 1

A new report details the many strategies that today's merchants are using to boost online sales.

Smart Marketing Helps Plus Size Retailer Grow

eBiz Profiles: A clothing e-tailer for plus-size women, Junonia works to create synergy between its catalog and online sales.

Trek's Site Becomes Tour de Force

eBiz Profiles: After a custom solution failed to keep Trek Bikes' site running under heavy loads, the bike maker turned to a turn-key solution that really delivered.

Outsourcing is the Name of the Game at French Toast

Beauty E-Tailer Uses Blogs, Samples to Stand Out

When Jeff Binder of SaffronRouge.com chose his e-commerce platform, his chief concern was finding an integrated application with all the bells and whistles in one piece.

Lillian Vernon Redesign Tailors to User Preferences

It's a challenge that confronts most online merchants sooner or later: the dreaded site redesign. This massive undertaking is usually put off for as long as possible. But for sites built several years back, it's often necessary to keep up with today's more competitive environment.

Sport Supply Group Relies on SAP to Keep Running

eBiz Profile: The Sport Supply Group's e-commerce operation has enough bells and whistles to require an exceptionally robust software platform.

Search Engine Marketing Explained

A primer for buying keyword terms on search engines, which is considered by many e-tailers to be an indispensable part of customer building.

Ten Tips for Getting Customers to Up the Order

An industry expert offers cross-selling and up-selling tips and techniques to increase your average dollar amount per order.

Web Analytics - Who's Mining the Store?

Before you can effectively analyze customer behavior, you need to determine who at your company will be responsible for tracking the data.

Experts Speak Out on Improving Sales Conversions

Real-world tips to help you achieve the all-important goal of turning shoppers into buyers -- and why you shouldn't sweat comparisons to other e-tailers' conversion metrics.

Experts Speak Out on Improving Sales Conversions, Part 2

Real-world tips to help you achieve the all-important goal of turning shoppers into buyers -- and why you shouldn't sweat comparisons to other e-tailers' conversion metrics. Second in a two-part series.

Home-Grown Firm Climbs Corporate Ladder

Initially launched as a home-based business, GiftTree.com is enjoying healthy growth, thanks in part to its hard core focus on providing excellent service to its corporate clients.

Case Study: Guild.com

Learn how this fine arts site successfully targets a highly affluent audience and maintains a much higher typical purchase price than the average e-commerce site using state-of-the-art Web analytics and CRM tools.

Case Study: Drugstore.com

The online pharmacy has learned a lot about e-commerce shopping behavior using its sophisticated customer tracking and analysis tools. It also uses these tools to accentuate a factor that's critical to maintaining the site's success.

Case Study: eDiets

Can an Internet-based diet program be a moneymaker? The eDiet story says this is one of e-commerce's hot growth areas.

Case Study: Buy.com

The e-tailer uses the Microsoft platform to run one of the Internet's leading e-commerce operations.

Tech Security: Trends and Best Practices

A panel of technology journalists covering cybersecurity discusses new research, with the spotlight on best practices for enterprise security.

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