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Jennifer Schiff

13 Ways to Improve Your Supply Chain Management

Supply chain management experts share tips on supply chain management software and making your supply chain operate more efficiently.

10 Ways to Get the Most out of Mobile CRM

Customer relationship management and mobility experts share their tips on how to get the most out of mobile CRM.

Eight Useful Contact Center Apps

No matter how you interact with customers -- via the telephone or online -- these eight contact center tools can help ensure customer experiences are positive.

Six Ways BPM Can Improve Supply Chain Management

Experts from IBM and OpenText Business Process Solutions discuss how business process management (BPM) solutions can help organizations better manage their supply chains.

11 Tips for Successful Mobile Business Intelligence

Mobile is the hottest trend going today in business intelligence. Enterprise Apps Today asked a group of business intelligence experts to share their tips on how to optimize mobile BI.

12 Helpful Salesforce Apps for 2012

These 12 Salesforce apps can help improve customer relationship management (CRM) and make your sales teams more productive.

Ten Reasons to Combine CRM and BPM

Business leaders and customer service experts discuss the benefits of combining customer relationship management (CRM) with business process management (BPM).

13 Ways to Improve Your Supply Chain Management

Supply chain management experts share their tips on how to make your supply chain operate more efficiently.

A Dozen Ways to Get the Most out of Your ERP System

Experts share their tips on leveraging enterprise resource planning (ERP) software to get a better return on investment (ROI).

Six Helpful Customer Support Software Solutions

Here are a half-dozen help desk and customer support software solutions that can help your business better manage customer queries and support tickets.

A Dozen Ways to Get the Most out of Your BPM System

Business process management (BPM) experts reveal their tips for improving business processes and increasing productivity.

A Dozen Simple Ways to Improve Customer Relations

Business owners, customer service experts and marketers share their tips on how to gain customer loyalty.

Seven Ways to Reward Your Customers and Improve Your CRM

Business owners and CRM experts reveal how rewarding customers can be a very rewarding experience.

A Dozen Ways to Improve Your Social CRM

Social CRM experts reveal their tips for how businesses can best use social media to improve customer relationships.

Ten Common CRM Mistakes - And How to Avoid Them

Experts reveal some of the most common mistakes when choosing, deploying and using a CRM system — and what businesses can do to avoid or fix them.

Six Ways Business Intelligence Software Can Help Your Business

Jaspersoft CEO Brian Gentile reveals some not-so-obvious ways business intelligence software can improve business processes throughout the organization.

Ten Things You Can Learn from Your CRM System

Business owners and managers reveal what business-critical information they glean from their CRM systems.

Ten Ways Social Media is Changing Sales and CRM

Social CRM experts from BatchBlue and JitterJam provide tips on how businesses can monitor and use social media sites to improve customer relationship management and the bottom line.

The 10 Most Important CRM Reports

CRM expert David Taber reveals which CRM reports provide the most value to businesses and why.

Ten Tips for Getting the Most Out of Your CRM System

Business leaders and CRM pros offer advice on how to improve your organization's customer relationship management and how to get a positive return on your CRM investment.

Vendors Reveal 10 of Their Top CRM Tips

Salesforce.com, NetSuite and SugarCRM offer advice for choosing a customer relationship management (CRM) system - and getting employees to actually use it.

Top 10 Tips for Using Social Media to Improve CRM

Experts reveal their strategies for using Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn to help gain and retain customers.

Ten Tips to Get Customers to Engage With Email Marketing

With email marketing, you have only a few seconds to grab readers' attention. Here's how to make every second count so you can get readers to open, read and click on marketing campaigns.

Top 10 Reasons to Consider Open Source CRM

Looking for evidence that today's open source CRM solutions are as reliable and can provide more bang for the buck than traditional proprietary CRM applications? Here are ten good reasons.

NetSuite Provides Customer Everything Management

The CRM software-as-a-service provider's integrated ecommerce/customer management system helped Inkjetsuperstore.com fulfill more 1 million orders and grow 50 percent year-over-year.

Microsoft Dynamics CRM Sofware Fans Overlook Outlook Woes

Small businesses report many benefits to Microsoft Dynamics CRM, but Outlook integration isn’t necessarily one of them.

Salesforce Works Its CRM Mojo on Internet Marketing Company

CRM software solution helps growing business increase trade show profitability, better manage marketing dollars.

Web-based CRM Helps Software Firm Beef Up Call Center

Since deploying NetSuite CRM in its call center, Acclivity Software has a much better understanding of its products and customers.

Putting the 'Customer' and the 'Management' Back in CRM

By taking 10 minutes every day to discuss customer data, issues and key metrics, startup Pixability has managed to head off potential problems and steadily grow the business.

Find Holiday Profits with Revamped Google Product Search

Two e-tailers say Google's re-branded, free comparison shopping engine will make sales surge.

If You Can't Beat Amazon, Maybe You Should Join It

Why and how e-commerce businesses of all sizes are using Amazon.com to increase their Web exposure and sales.

How to Create a Successful Multi-Channel Experience

Tips for marketing your brand when you have a store, a Web site and/or a catalog.

Enter the Wonderful World of Word-of-Mouth Marketing

What could be better than free advertising? Several sites can help you spread the good word — and counter the bad — about your business at no or very low cost. We look at two of the best and give you tips on how to attract customers through word-of-mouth.

How to Win the E-mail Marketing Campaign

Database programs like FileMaker Pro and Web-based services like Constant Contact make it easier than ever for small businesses to create e-mail campaigns that get results.

CRM Best Practices for Small Businesses

Six tips from the experts on how to choose the right CRM solution for your company and boost your odds for a successful adoption.

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